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Rock of Ages was fabulous as expected. I love the music of the 80s and it is more or less like going to a concert so what's not to enjoy. Only problem was that our seats were in the balcony and I'm so used to sitting up front in the orchestra. No big deal though since I've since this show before. LOL moment is when niviene and I screamed at the mention of 'Uruguay'. I'm pretty sure everyone thought we just got off a plane from Montevideo...if anyone even knew where Uruguay and/or Montevideo were from in the first place...The other thing that makes me laugh whenever I go to this play is the fact that the superstar rock band in this play is named 'Arsenal'....LOL I keep waiting for them to announce Cesc as the new lead singer...And on a final note re: Rock of Ages - LLAMA.

Football is rather dull this weekend. The most interesting games are not even being held during the weekend – Lazio have already defeated Inter in their Friday afternoon match and Palermo battles Napoli on Monday. Yes, Real Madrid played and won this afternoon but what a snoozer…no Ramos, no Higuain, no Gago, and a somewhat subdued Mourinho on the sidelines. Not exactly riveting entertainment  IMO. I don't plan on watching the Juve game tomorrow as I'll probably be out and about. We’ll see if the labour strike goes on as scheduled next weekend in the Serie A. If yes, I expect to go see some movies. I still haven’t seen the new Harry Potter film and I would like to see Burlesque. I believe that the Chronicles of Narnia third movie is also released later this week. 
That should keep me in the theatres for a while.
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Rock of Ages sounds good. I laughed at the part where you yelled when 'Uruguay' was mentioned. I am sure the rest of the audience had NO idea.

Here in the hotel in Bilbao they have Canal+ which is great. They showed the Real Madrid match on Saturday night and the big derby match on Sunday night (that would be Real Sociedad vs Athletic Bilbao, of course). Because Athletic lost and didn't play well at all, the upside was that they had training today. So I went and got autographs and some photos taken with my favourite players. I've never done that before and it was a blast!
LOL moment is when niviene and I screamed at the mention of 'Uruguay'.

I love how the MC of the show looked up at us and did a sort of shout out!

that the superstar rock band in this play is named 'Arsenal'....LOL I keep waiting for them to announce Cesc as the new lead singer...

I so want to go back to the show, sit in front row, wearing an Arsenal t-shirt and see what happens!!!

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The shout out was cool...I'm certain he thought, 'what the hell are two girls from Uruguay doing here?'

It would have been so much better if the band was named JUVENTUS (or Lazio, Napoli or Palermo) - at least I'd want that t-shirt
'what the hell are two girls from Uruguay doing here?'

Next time we should yell in Spanish ROFLMAO!!!

What is the Spanish equivalent of Huzzah? Arriba??!!