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Ahhh just when I was really getting into the series, the season two finale of Merlin airs in Canada. I am well aware that season three is in progress if not already completed in the UK. I hope that Space continues on to season three next week but if not I'll be more than content to watch reruns of seasons one and two again. The finale ended with the dragon being released and raging war on Camelot. Merlin and Arthur went on a quest to seek the last dragonlord who coincidentally just happened to be Merlin's long lost father. Happy and sad endings to take us to season three. I'm looking forward to the arrival of the knights of the roundtable next season. I am NOT looking forward to the budding Arthur and Guinevere relationship. Hopefully we’ll see more of Morgana in season three. Hmmm, I guess I have to rely on Hawaii Five-0 for any decent slash now...LOL

On a screw-the-Canadians mode, since we don't receive the exact same version of HBO as they do in the States, there was no airing of the special behind the scenes doc on A Game of Thrones that was scheduled to air tonight at 8:45. I checked YouTube and discovered what I believe is the same clip. If not, either way it has lots of great previews...ARYA and BRAN, sooooo cute!!! and Dany looks fabulous and  Littlefinger is going to be amazing. The sets look great. Of course I already love Tyrion...how could you not? Sean Bean, Sean Bean, Sean Bean...he was meant to play Ned Stark. I figured they would age a bunch of the characters so I am okay with that. One problem only...I have always pronounced Tyrion's name as TIE-REE'-ON and the pronunciation as per GRRM is actually TEER'-EE-ON. The latter does suit 'the imp' more but I really just prefer my version of his name. Oh well. I guess I'll have to get used to it. Preview lists it as coming in April 2011. I hope that date holds true.  Here is the 10:01 preview (which I have already watched 5 times now).... 




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I am looking forward very much to watching Merlin. I have the first season on DVD waiting for me to get home and start it (once I finish Season Four of 24, of course). :)

Game of Thrones sounds good! Of course, if Sean Bean is in it, then I have to watch it.

I hate it when the Canadians get screwed. It happens with the football on FOXSW as well, as opposed to Fox Soccer Channel. And sometimes GOLTV won't simulcast a match so I will end up finding out the score before the game is shown here. :(

I wish they would STOP it!
Merlin seasons I and II are 'allegedly' coming out on Blu Ray in January so I am holding off on purchasing for a bit. Great series though.

Game of Thrones in April on HBO will be amazing. I assume Canada will simulcast with USA HBO as they do with True Blood. Great books, you really should read them.

Ooh this week GolLTV really screwed with the scheduling...they broadcast the entire Barca game live and joined the Real Madrid game in progress. I am so annoyed that there is supposedly a GolTV HD but Rogers doesn't offer it...only regular. I suppose I shouldn't complain. At least GolTV are covering ALL Real Madrid games this season which wasn't the case last year.
Squee moment was me spotting Jason Momoa based on his body alone in that clip...still don't know his character's name but from what you tell me I'm already in love with his character! I really should read those books.

I'm going to miss Merlin terribly...really wish we could order the DVD's ahead of time like we did for Greek but stupid UK has a different format :(

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KHAL DROGO...remember that name

I am going through the cast to find out if I know any of them and I just found out that the guy who is playing Viserys (he is the blond guy from the video clip who is the brother to Dany, the girl who marries Khal) is the same guy who played Will Scarlett in Robin Hood BBC. COOL

I heard rumours that the Blu Ray for Merlin Seasons I & II will be released in January. I'm not holding my breath. But I refuse to buy the regular version, I'll wait for the Blu Ray. Supposedly season III will air in the US starting in January?? Again, I'm not holding my breath.

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Looks to be like a real good series and lots of seasoned actors...of course Sean Bean meaning on of them.
The books are amazing but VERY long so I am glad that they turned them into a series rather than a movie.