To watch or not to watch...

Real Madrid play their Champions League game today. Hmm, let's sum up what's happening at the Bernabeu...
  • No Jose Mourinho
  • No Iker Casillas
  • No Sergio Ramos
  • No Xabi Alonso
  • No Fernando Gago
  • No Gonzalo Higuain
  • Real Madrid have already secured first place in their UEFA CL division 
I suppose I can come up with a reason to watch this game if I try hard enough....
  • Count the number of times CR7 throws a hissy fit
  • See if Auxerre can score
  • Watch Jerzy Dudek get a start
  • Find out who will be captain
  • Ray Hudson
Nope, got nothing....
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Oh gosh, I am watching it right now in my hotel room. I started watching it in the restaurant downstairs and became fascinated before half-time so I continued to watch it upstairs.

It's very enjoyable!

And I won't spoil anything for you! :)
I did wind up watching it. Did you see Cristiano's mom with his son sitting in the audience? Not that I'm a CR7 fan but I thought the little guy was adorable even if you could only see his back.