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Which song by The Beatles is your favorite, and why?

I'm pretty sure most people would say Let It Be or Yesterday. These are classic songs that mark a generation and arguably two of the greatest songs ever made. However, since the question is which song is your 'favourite' I'd have to say Hey Jude for various reasons. I love the name 'Jude', I love that it was written for Julian Lennon and I love how everyone just catches on to the end of that song and sings, na, na, na, Hey Jude..... Runners up: Come Together, Something, Eleanor Rigby . By the way, I didn't really like The Beatles music until Across the Universe. I know a lot of people (and Beatles' purists in particular) didn't like that movie but I thought it was fantastic.
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Oh my god, there are far too many Beatles songs that I love. Let it Be for sure. A more unusual one that I love is Get Back but if you really listen to it you realize just how awesome it is.

I absolutely LOVED Across The Universe and the title song is one of my favourites also. In the movie, the song Blackbird totally blew me away. It was the presentatiion as well as how it was sung.

So many great difficult to choose only a few. :)
This was such a difficult question. I really do enjoy so many of their songs.

I think in Across The Universe my favourite song performance was Something. I understand what you mean by the presentation. That was the first time that song really moved me. I remember Blackbird was great as well in the movie. Evan Rachel Wood sang it so purely. She just completely captured the essence of it. Also, she did a great job with If I Fell. So many memorable moments/songs in that movie...I loved the scene at school when the boys sang A Little Help From My Friends and Dear Prudence when they were cheering up Prudence. I loved their version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Oh gosh, now I want to watch that movie again.
Oh yes, I remember the other songs as well from Across The Universe. If I Fell in particular, is a favourite. And I adore the George Harrison songs. :)