How I spent my Christmas break...

I hope everyone has recovered from their turkey hangover. I trust you had a great Christmas and that Santa was good to you. I'm trying to find a way to get through football withdrawal. However, the various SPACE TV series marathons are not helping...why are you not airing a Merlin marathon? And on that note, Season Three?? Anytime???

Today I am off to watch The King's Speech and Black Swan. Tomorrow, I'll likely be visiting the ROM to view the Terra Cotta Warriors and in the evening will take part in the annual countdown to the New Year (bring it on, the sooner the better). Saturday will be a trip to the Science Centre to see the Mythic Creatures exhibit (Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids).  I have some DVD rentals to watch during the long weekend and a bit of homework (ugghh) to finish.

Before I forget, on Boxing Day I was lucky enough to catch one of the final Toronto performances of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Great seats - third row centre (arguably a little TOO close). It's a must-see for people who like musical theatre. You are forewarned though - there is plenty of dance/disco music featuring songs from Donna Summer, Village People, Madonna and the likes. But don't be put off if you aren't a disco fan. I wasn't a fan ABBA fan prior to watching Mamma Mia and that didn't stop me from LOVING that play. And now ABBA enjoy a regular spot on my iPod...LOL.

The play is, of course, based on the movie but with a few modern updates to make it contemporary and more North American friendly. Fortunately it's still set in Australia....I honestly feared they might move it to Texas which is,arguably, acceptable but just wouldn't have the same feel. I'd miss the obligatory Ayers Rock homage (geeky, travel fangirl moment). Music, acting, dancing, sets and overall production were flawless but honestly the costumes made this play stand out.  The most vivid and spectacular costumes I've seen on stage since Lion King and Wicked.  If this play had a longer run I'd probably go see at least one more time. Unfortunately it is only here for another week or so. Next up for me is the touring production of The Lion King...woohoo, I haven't seen that play in years :)
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