It truly is a belated Saturnalia miracle...

Best news of the day...I was falling asleep while watching Sanctuary and woke up to the news that there will be a Merlin Season I & II marathon next weekend (Saturday and Sunday January 8 & 9)...and to top it off...

Merlin Season 3 Premieres Saturday Jan. 15 8E/5P

*fangirl extremely loud squee*

So I guess I did get my Christmas wish...thanks Santa :)

P.S. This will put my football watching sched into utter chaos...oh well...*snicker*

P.P.S...yikes, three posts in one day
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Sorry I woke you up but I figured you'd want to know about it but I told you Space would eventually put a marathon of Merlin on...all you had to do was wait lol!