Real Madrid's first victory...

Quick Real Madrid update. First game of 2011 and it was a victory. It was nice to see Kaka back with the team again. Not a huge fan of Kaka but I feel bad for him having to sit out the majority of the past two seasons. The highlight of the match was the lecture J-Mo gave to Kaka prior to the latter's sub in. LOL. I really wish GOL TV would broadcast a split screen for all Real Madrid games - the game itself on the main screen with Jose Mourinho on picture-in-picture (aka , 'Jose Cam'). Whether you like him or not at least J-Mo will provide you with some entertainment especially when the game starts dragging which tends to happen when Higuin isn't playing. Gago was somewhere on the bench although I didn't see him and I won't be convinced he is back until I see him on the pitch.
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