When Life Gives You Lemons

Performance Review

My performance review was today. Out of 25 different rating sections I received 5/5 in 23 and 4/5 on the remaining two. Basically I was informed that there is little if anything I need to improve on. Big whoop?! I still likely won't get much of a raise since I am already at my salary cap for the position. I'll still get a cost of living raise at the very least. That will kick in on May 1st.

Otherwise, oh the ranting....yes, I complained non stop about the quantity of work I am being subjected to during my peak season. I believe there were several useful suggestions that may come to fruition and ultimately assist in reducing the stress over that dreadful time period of August to December. All I can say is that I'm thankful it is finally January. I'll be even happier once February 10th arrives....the final date for registration/transfers.
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Congratulations but I wouldn't expect anything less from you lol. I wish we had a performance review that wasn't a joke....we call it PDP and it's pathetic but that's because of my director. At least Phil is a good boss even if he's MIA a lot of the time!
Technically our performance reviews are redundant as well. How we perform throughout the year does not affect the raise (if any) that we receive. I know this as I am in charge of finances. The Committee determines how much of an increase there will be to salaries overall for the next year. That is, we have a budget line for 'wages' which gets increased, for example, by 5% each year. That increase is then split by everyone equally. In other words, no incentive to do well or poorly since everyone receives the same amount of increase. Sad but true. At least we always receive an increase!
Congrats, but anyone whom knows you knows you would of not got anything less......