Making it through the day...

I really don't feel like doing anything at work today. Started the morning watching Juve get trounced by Parma *snicker*. Amauri cut his hair...unfortunately that didn't seem to assist his play. MEH. Followed that game up with the Lazio match. I shouldn't be too upset that it ended in a draw since Lazio was away and facing a relatively decent Genoa team. It should be duly noted that Fernando Muslera was absolutely fierce today in net and saved Lazio on numerous occasions in the second half when it looked all too much like the game was slipping away from them. At least Palermo won which is a minor consolation given that both AC Milan and Roma won...urgh. Napoli plays this afternoon and I pray they massacre Inter. Napoli are a great road team but still, Inter, with their new coach, at home. Good luck with that Cavani. The day of football will conclude with the Real Madrid/Levante match. I read that Gago will be starting and that he will be Captain...o_O....It's an Epiphany miracle! We'll see how that goes.

I made the mistake of watching the People's Choice Awards last night. That is two hours of my life I wish I could have back. Even Queen Latifah as host couldn't save that sinking ship. I'm shocked that Johnny Depp even bothered to show his face. I'm hoping the Golden Globes on January 16 will be a little less disappointing.

Tonight - new Big Bang Theory and Jersey Shore returns for a third season :) 
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