A tale of two galacticos...

Let's see....when last I left off Fernando Gago was about to captain Real Madrid in their Copa del Rey match. Yes that did in fact occur. And FG did a wonderful job IMO. It was just plain enjoyable to see him back on the pitch again (and hopefully regularly for the rest of the season). Too bad the team, consisting primarily of youth squad players, didn't win. Nonetheless, RM are through to the next round of the CDR on aggregate.

On the flip side, one of my other favourite Real Madrid players, Gonzalo Higuain, will be traveling to Chicago this weekend to have surgery on a herniated disc in his back. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. The team will not be the same without you.
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Awww Gago...missed him...and he still runs gracefully and his passes still accurate. Good to see that his injury didn't take away his skill having all that time away. Plus J-Mo LOVES him and that's all that matters. He made him CAPTAIN not anyone else :P Hope he starts to play regular especially with Lass's boycott of the team it just means Gago will have a place on the team now for sure *crosses fingers*. (Bye bye Lass...ya no love loss there.)

Real is crappy with out Higuain....no offense to C-Ron but it's just not the same. Hopefully he'll be as good as new after surgery and even better....CR should be scared <_<
Gago is just perfect for a J-Mo team. He will become the go-to guy when RM are in the lead and J-Mo wants to go all defense. I'm curious to see what happens with Lass.

There is a bit of a Higuain - J-Mo scandal/rumour going down. I bet you are curious. I'll tell you later. I doubt CR7 is worried...Benzema on the other hand, good luck with that one.