And that's how it went down...

Day two of the Merlin marathon has concluded. I am all caught up (even though I did see all the episodes previously) and ready for Season 3 which debuts next Saturday at 8. The Season II marathon was periodically interrupted for...you guessed it....football!! My comments on the matches were as follows....the first match of the day saw me watching Lazio defeated by Lecce. Really Lazio? Lecce. *rolls eyes* You can do better than this. Let's not even discuss the lame-ass goal that rebounded off Muslera's back. Palermo's game was not on television....thankfully. I might have thrown something at the screen if it was. At least Palermo was able to pick up a draw out of it. Next up was Real Madrid and that turned out to be the best match of the day. Great game from most of the players (arguably bad performances by Lass and Benzema). Gago got in a few minutes of playing time. I knew he'd show up the minute RM scored the go-ahead goal. Ronaldo scored a hat trick. J-Mo was crazy on the sidelines *LOL* Never a dull moment. I heard Lass walked out on the team after he was subbed out. Hmmm, wonder how much of that is rumour and how much is true. As long as Gago gets to play I don't think it matters. Final game of the day was Napoli vs Juventus. Juventus had recently acquired one of my LEAST favourite players...Luca Toni...and it was his debut game. Suffice to say his presence was irrelevant. Edinson Cavani scored two goals for Napoli within the first 26 mins and the game was pretty much decided at that point. Of course he went on to get a hat trick and place himself back among the lead of the Serie A scoring. Napoli are now in second place, four points behind Milan with Lazio two points behind Napoli. What a wasted chance by Lazio to make up ground on Milan *shakes head*.

P.S.:I am actually starting to like (that does say 'like', not 'tolerate') Ronaldo. At least he is less annoying than Messi. Perhaps J-Mo has had a positive influence. I don't know what it is but I have to admit he is doing a great job for the team this season and especially now in Pipita's absence....Animo Pipa, recuperate pronto.

P.P.S: Please record this date as it is highly likely I will never ever pay another compliment to Ronaldo.
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Oh my, I really like your new header and all the rest. The colours are very peaceful and quite lovely to look at. :)

Second, I had wanted to watch Merlin for quite awhile but had NO time and then I finally ordered the first season DVDs from amazon.ca. I have NO idea what I did, but the French version has come instead of English! I thought I'd just watch it with English subtitles, but this DVD has NO subtitle option! Needless to say, I am bummed...the wrapping and cardboard cover got thrown out and I am not sure if I can return this! *headdesk*

I missed the Real Madrid game because I had to go out! It sounds great, though, and I am sorry I missed seeing Gago again. :(

While I acknowledge that CR7 is a great player, I simply cannot bring myself to like him. I don't hate him or anything...in fact, I find him quite amusing to watch when he gets up to his antics. And yes...he is FAR less annoying than Messi! I can say that I don't find CR annoying...it's just that I am not usually fond of extremely flamboyant footballers who think they are god's gift and let everyone else know it. I actually find Man United MUCH more interesting to watch now that he is gone, because there are so many other good players to see. Not just the ONE. Which is why I probably find Real Madrid less interesting than I used to.

GOOD for Cavani! I saw highlights of the match. The move to Napoli seems to have been a good one for him. I missed all other matches. I am very sad about Juve. :( Can't seem to get them out of my system. :(
Thank you for your comments about the new header and layout. The header is taken from a promo image for the upcoming HBO series A Game of Thrones which is based on the series of novels by George R.R. Martin which I am eagerly awaiting.

Wow, I am shocked that your DVDs don't have English subtitles. That is too bad. Season III will start airing this Saturday on Space at 8 PM if you want to join the series in progress.

I agree in regards to your comments on players who are extremely flamboyant although I do enjoy watching Ibra...he makes me laugh I guess in the same manner CR7 does for you. I must say that Ronaldo, in particular over the last month, has become far less 'dramatic' and self-centered than in the past. He still has his moments in each game but he does seem to be working better with his teammates. In the end,this can only benefit Madrid.

Cavani is having a brilliant year as are Napoli.Can you imagine if he had been given this type of free reign and opportunity during the World Cup? Uruguay would have been unstoppable. I believe Napoli have a legitimate chance to finish in top spot. Mind you, I can't say that any Serie A team is truly dominating this season the way Inter has in previous years. The title is up for grabs and the team that is the most consistent will wind up on the top. I really would like to see Lazio spend some $$ on reinforcements. They have a great team but are missing a few players to take them to the next level. Juventus are simply baffling. You watch them play and honestly they don't seem that much better than last season yet with all the parity within the top Serie A teams they still manage to crack the top five. The other odd thing I've noticed about Juve since last season is their injuries. As soon as one player recovers another gets injured. It makes it difficult for them to form any true chemistry on the pitch. In the end I really don't care who wins the Serie A title but I would love to see Lazio, Palermo and Napoli all finish high enough to earn a spot to play in the UEFA championships next season.
A Game of Thrones sounds very interesting. I'll add it to my list of shows to watch!

Thanks for the info about Merlin airing on Space at 8. I'll be sure to catch it and make sure I really like it before I try to purchase the first two seasons on DVD. :)

When Ibra went to Barcelona he became dead to me. I guess I'll have to wait and see if I can generate any interest in him again. :(

Cavani and Napoli seem brilliantly suited for each other! I've always been a fan of Napoli and enjoyed watching them, but there was always a piece of the puzzle missing. Now we know what it was! Edi is having a wonderful season so far.

I always love watching Lazio and Palermo as well. I could watch Pastore all day long. :)