At the Globes and on the pitch...

The 68th Annual Golden Globes were a somewhat subdued affair...okay well at least the red carpet was. Normally this event is my fav awards show of the season but really, it wasn't anything spectacular. The right people won - that is, Colin Firth for best actor (movie-drama), Natalie Portman for best actress (movie-drama). I hope that the Oscars repeat those results. I have zero interest in seeing The Social Network but all the critics love it so far be it from me to deny the victory. Jim Parsons won best actor (tv-comedy) which, IMO, is a no-brainer...he is the BEST actor. I loved Kaley's reaction as she announced his name...so genuinely happy. I would have preferred BBT to win out for best comedy series over Glee but it is difficult, and hardly fair, for a half hour sitcom to compete against a one hour dramedy. I'm not a huge fan of Ricky Gervais but I most definitely enjoyed him as the no holds barred host. After this event  I doubt he'll be hosting anything major again as I'm pretty sure he ruffled more than a few feathers with his jibes. Best presenter was Robert Downey, Jr. - in fact, I almost wonder if he didn't just wing that performance as it was far superior to any of the fluff that was provided by the writers to the other presenters. As for the best dressed...there wasn't any. I was not impressed by anyone. I liked what Michelle Williams was wearing as it was very cheery and looked amazing on her. I doubt I would have liked that dress on anyone else though. I also liked what Megan Fox was wearing although she looked a tad too thin IMO. The rest were just junk. Puffy sleeves, padded shoulders, washed out neutrals, corset tops, and peek-a-boo cut outs...meh. Not for me. Even Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry were a mess and they usually set the standard. In reflection, I have no problem with what Helena Bonham-Carter wore. It was fun and suited her. Worst dressed, as usual, was Tilda Swinton. Two thumbs up for Christian Bale's hair...but then again, I like the 'Jesus' look..

The weekend football was not so good, not so bad. Napoli failed to score in a game they should have won. The draw gave them one point. Palermo lost. Juventus and Lazio both won. Roma and Inter won while AC Milan drew. What does all this mean? Well AC Milan are still on top, unfortunately, but the gap is only 4 points over Napoli and Lazio who are tied for second now. Roma is third, Juve are fourth and Inter leapfrogged Palermo to move into fifth. I'm most happy for the Lazio win...everyone keeps saying their bubble will burst and I love how they keep holding on to prove the critics wrong. Great to see Gigi back...Italian football seemed wrong without him.

Over in Spain, Real Madrid drew against the worst team in the league *fail* and are now a full four points behind Barca. I hope that they are able to obtain an interim striker in Gonzalo Higuain's absence. Otherwise they will be royally screwed. Ronaldo is not a striker and when he plays out of his normal position he is not nearly as effective. Benzema just isn't cutting it. All RM need is a half decent striker, on loan, for the remainder of the season. It seems so simple...now get to it boys....
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I didn't watch the Golden Globes but wish I had, just to have seen Ricky Gervais! I LOVE Robert Downey Jr. :)

A strange weekend of football. My heart sunk when Real Madrid couldn't win. I hate to be negative, but I'm sure the title is lost for them now. :(
I don't believe the title is lost yet....anything can happen. You never know. Especially if there are injuries. There is still a lot of time before this is decided. The Clasico will really seal the season, if it isn't already decided by that time.
Did not watch it but caught the hi-lights of it....Would of been nice for BBT but glad for Chris and Jane from Glee, again they are the only character I like on the show.
The show itself isn't that great but definitely they are two of the better characters/actors on it and deserve their awards.