A Game of Thrones, latest trailer...

New A Game of Thrones promo...

First off...THE IRON THRONE...as rightfully imposing as it should be. Second, I take it that Dany is holding one of the dragon's eggs. COOL. Third, the direwolf...also COOL. Fourth, Sean Bean...."Winter is Coming"...that man can read the telephone book and make it sound interesting. Fourth, Tyrion - "My brother has a sword, but I have my mind"...they better not cut ANY of Tyrion's amazing quotes. Ditto for Littlefinger...."Distrusting me is the wisest thing you've done..." And, not to be forgotten, Jaime Lannister, oozing swagger. 89 days cannot go by soon enough.
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Oh no! I forgot all about watching this on Saturday night! I hope it is re-broadcast during the week...will watch for it. It sounds wonderful. :)