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Book #3 - Northanger Abbey

I completed reading my third book of 2011, Northanger Abbey. So I'm assuming this is one of the earlier Jane Austen novels since it really wasn't as cleverly tied up as her other books...she left a few storylines unresolved. No big deal though...it was still excellent. The main character, Catherine Morland, is dumb as a post but you have to like her in all her naivety. The novel itself was so funny...I was LOLing. I don't think most people pick up on the great humour that can be found in Jane Austen's novels but she truly was a pioneer of the romantic-comedy genre. And I did enjoy her attempt at creating a 'gothic' novel....more like a spoof IMO though. Next up is Mansfield Park. Never read it, only watched the movie. I've already completed the first chapter and hope to have it finished by the end of next week at the very latest to keep myself on pace to finish 50 books in 2011. After that will be the remaining three Austens - Persuasion, Sense & Sensibility and I'm saving my favourite, Emma, for the finale.
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