Rafa Armani...

As Rafa pursues his quest for the Grand Slam (VAMOS!) victory in Australia I thought it may be apropos to post his new pics from his Armani campaign. I still can't believe he did this...LOL. Anyhow, I assume he is replacing Cristiano Ronaldo and therefore I will no longer have to be tortured by CRon's giant billboard outside of The Bay at Queen and Yonge. Bring on Rafa please...

That said, IMO, Rafa doesn't look very Rafa-like in these photos. MEH. However, he does look exactly how I imagined Jacob (Twilight) to be.

*sigh* And I remember him when he was just 16...
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Almost didn't recognize him...can we say AIRBRUSHED much lol!

Men and women everywhere are definitely putting these pics up as their computer backgrounds.

I remember him at 16 too...that awkward kid who couldn't speak English (miss his "como")...to this...my how he's come a long way.

Jacob was always Rafa-like as Stephanie describes him in the book....

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