Happy Birthday to the Boss...

I am not going to comment on those two dreadfully depressing incidents which occurred yesterday (Rafa's AO loss, Real Madrid's acquisition of Emmanuel Adebayor). Feel free to debate which is the less of two evils. However, and far more uplifting, I would like to send out birthday wishes to my favourite futbol coach....


And one of my fav GIFs for old time's sake....
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I find your infatuation with J-Mo strangely endearing yet really creepy at the same time...but i hope he is enjoying his birthday because everyone should celebrate their own uniqueness.
Yes, he celebrated by looking uncharacteristically dishevelled during the Copa del Rey match yesterday. And then he gave the boys the day off after their victory.

If I were betting, I'd say he got laid. (sorry if that creeped you out...LOL)
So off the charts on the creepiness factor I can't even describe....but he's married so should he be getting laid on a regular basis not just his birthday?