God lets a crap team win

The end of January...as the futbol world turns...

Summary of weekend soccer:
  • Lazio - geez, did Muslera even need to bother showing up? Did Fiorentina even get a shot on goal in the second half? I doubt it. I'd like to put a standing offer out on the table. If any Lazio game ever gets that uneventful perhaps Edy Reja would be willing to give Fernando some time off... I know an excellent place where we can get some maté...(and dot, dot, dot...)
  • Napoli - ok seriously CAVANI...best player in Serie A this season by far. He is so good not only for his scoring ability but he is fantastic on defense as well. Another hat trick this week. He was only needed for 60 minutes to guarantee his team the victory. That said, given the consistency of his team this season, I expect a relatively crappy performance from Napoli next week. When they are good they are good but when they are bad...*rolls eyes*
  • Palermo - no, no, merde...they should not have lost that game. Dumbasses. They had every opportunity to seal the victory in the first half and they blew it. The minute the momentum started going Inter's way in the second half I knew Palermo were doomed :(
  • Real Madrid - let's not even....UGGGHHH (hence my icon for today) The sooner Osasuna gets relegated, the better.
  • Transfer deadline - IMO the best deal was the acquisition of Luis Suarez for Liverpool. I know people will bash me for this  but given the choice of Torres or Suarez I'd take Suarez for my team. 24 years old and SOOOO much potential. I would say that now that Amauri is off Juve there really is little to make me stay a fan of the team. HOWEVER, Juve picked up one of my fave players, Alessandro Matri. Yes, I'll definitely still be keeping an eye on the bianconeri.
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