Snowmaggedon? Hardly...

Happy Groundhog/snow day!! YAY. I won't argue with the snow day but really, it's not that bad out. This storm has been blown way out of proportion. That said, everyone deserves a day off. It has been a very depressing, cold, grey winter so far and I think we all need a break. Don't get me wrong, there certainly is a lot of snow on the ground but nowhere near the 20-30 cm that was being predicted. It is chaotic for drivers out there as the roads are not safe. It would be better to have only essential services out there on the roads just to ensure that (a) the streets, roads and highways can all be cleared of snow quickly and efficiently and (b) that any truly essential vehicles (e.g. police and ambulance) are able to operate without any hitches.

What are my plans for this snow day? Well I am at home relaxing, working out and planning on watching some soccer this afternoon working on the budget. 

Couple of interesting things to tide you over during Snowmaggedon 2011:

1)  Real Madrid - oooohhhh, Pedro Leon (aka Ponce) and Fernando Gago got into a fight during training. Hence the reason why they are not in the lineup for today's match. I hope this incident can be resolved ASAP as I really want Gago back on the squad. They need him now more than ever.

2) Did you see the AC Milan v Lazio match yesterday? Swear to God Muslera had a guardian angel watching over him. First the Ibra goal that should have been which deflected off of not one but both goalposts and out. Unbelievable. Then the Robinho shot that got past Fernando but was saved by the defenseman (Biava). That was a HUGE game for Lazio and I am pleasantly surprised they survived it even walking away with a point :) All the Serie A teams, and especially Napoli, should be thanking Lazio for holding Milan at bay. For posterity, here is a clip of the Ibra for Muslera's reaction after he stops the ball...LOL...

3) New preview for The Borgias....the girl who plays Lucrezia is so adorable, I hate Juan already and Chez well, mmmm,....

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Nice snow day! It was my day off from work anyway, so I lucked out. My son Jamie didn't have to go into work either and since he was home I coerced him into going to the grocery store for me. and my daughter is making dinner. *sigh* Life is good. This free time enabled me to do a La Liga post. It's been awhile.

Ahhh...the Gago/Leon fight. I need more info on this. :P XD

Damn it! I KNEW I should have watched the AC Milan/Lazio match! KNEW it!!! :( Maybe there will be a re-broadcast. *fingers crossed*

Hubby and I are burning through all 8 seasons of '24' on's killing us but you can't just watch ONE. If you're a fan you know what I mean. ;)
Great La Liga post. Thanks as always.

I haven't seen anything further than the already noted heresay re: Gago and Leon. I would like some pics...someone had to be there. I just want it to be resolved before the weekend as they both, but particularly Fernando, need some playing time.

Lazio Milan game was great. I honestly didn't expect Lazio to walk out of there with a point. They did a great job holding off Milan.

The way you are with '24' is the way I was with 'Lost'. I wish I had just watched all the episodes back to back. Would have been easier - time consuming, but easier and less stressful
You're welcome. :)

Since the Gago/Leon incident I have been reading some stuff, mostly about how they both will be transferred in the summer. *sigh*

I've managed to catch the Lazio/Milan game on TV since they replay it quite often. A great match for sure! :)

My husband was just telling me that the only way he will be able to watch a TV series now is on DVD. He asked me what we should watch after we have burned through '24'. I mentioned 'Fringe'...I think he'd like that one too. :)
The burbs got hit worse than us downtown but driving into work today was slow and it was slippery.

Omgs I can't believe Gago who I thought was somewhat more mature than that would sink to Ponce's level...then again I wonder what Ponce said to antagonize Gago like that...I hate that Gago's line up chances were jeopardized just because of something so stupid.

There are no words for that goal post Ibra shot...srsly no words and well the Rubinho shot as well should have seen Muslera at the lottery booth after the match buying a ticket for one of those crazy Euro powerball type jackpots that have enough money that if he won (and providence that day would surely have dictated it) could effectively be enough to buy a player or two....

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There will be lots of sucking up to the boss required to get him back in the line up..(I suggest some new gloves are in order)...LOL

Other Fernando...I can't stop watching that replay. I still shake my head in awe. And BTW, he is so damned adorable at approx. 38-39 secs into the video with that little paranoid look before he kisses the ball at 45 secs. I'd be afraid to see what he'd buy if he won the lottery (think Sergio shopping spree) but YES if he felt like loaning some of that money to his team to buy some reinforcements I'd be all for it.