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I'm bored...

This is a somewhat blah Friday. I want the weekend to come but I really don't have anything major planned. I'll watch the usual, that is, Merlin, and football...I know the Lazio game is covered on Sunday morning, but no one will be airing the Napoli or Palermo games :( I may watch a bit of the Cagliari Juve game just to see how Matri fares against his former team. Same for the big Fernando Torres- Chelsea vs Liverpool match. Personally I believe Liverpool acquired a better player in Suarez so they have nothing to worry about. Of course Real Madrid will be on Sunday afternoon but alas, no Ramos, as he is serving  out yet another suspension. *sigh* I'll watch the Superbowl...well, err, I will likely just watch the half time show.  I am going shopping tonight although I'm not really in a spending money mood. Mostly I just want to sleep. I'm really looking forward to some sunny days. All this grey has been so depressing. Oh well. Nothing much to do here at work. I think I'll read for a while. 
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I managed to catch an episode of Merlin and was immediately hooked. I can't exactly why, but it reeled me in almost right away.

Do you ever watch matches online? I don't really like watching them that way but I have done it when necessary. I'd rather relax on the sofa in front of the TV but in a pinch the computer monitor will do, as long as I can put the game on fullscreen mode.

I agree re: Torres. Liverpool got the better deal, in acquiring both Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll. :)
Merlin is a cute show. It doesn't require much thinking but it is just simply amusing.

I do watch matches online when I'm at work because I have a super state of the art computer and a beautiful 23" monitor. That covers me for the mid week matches, Champions League, etc. However, when I'm at home I will not watch online as my home computer and monitor are about 10 years old and are relatively useless for that purpose. Only if I am DESPERATE will I watch sports online at home. That happens a lot with tennis more than soccer though. Gol TV covers all the Real Madrid matches so I never have to worry. As for the Serie A teams I follow, between FSC, Rai, TLN or the Score I am usually able to see at least one but frequently several of the Italian games so I can't complain.

Liverpool are in for a treat with these two players.