That's a lot of football...

That was an intense weekend of football. I'll try to go through it chronological order. 

I didn't watch the Juve Cagliari match on Saturday but heard that Matri scored a brace against his former team. Good for him. I always thought he was a hidden talent tucked away on a team that didn't stand a chance to make any European championships. Going to Juventus is a win win situation for both him and the Bianconeri.

Meanwhile, Amauri scored his first goal for Parma. I can't even remember the last time Amauri scored. He certainly made up for his scoring drought in fine fashion with what arguably should be the goal of the week. It's worth watching if only to see the goal celebration..

While the Parma game was taking place I was busy watching Lazio offer up yet another mediocre performance. The only truly exciting moment in the game was the Hernanes goal that closed the first half. Other than that I pretty much filed my nails and waited for the occasional glimpse of Fernando or Stefani. Of all the inconsistent teams within Serie A, this one troubles me the most. One day they draw against the league leaders, the next day they lose to the worst team in the league. *rolls eyes* I don't want to be negative but I honestly believe that this team will wind up in eighth  place by the end of the season if they don't get their act together.

And while I was being all fangirly watching Lazio, both Palermo and Napoli managed to win. I heard Pastore cut his hair. Meh...looks more like a trim to me. Cavani scored....but that is regular and somewhat repetitive news these days. Genoa made my day by managing a draw against Milan which now leaves Napoli a mere three points away from the top spot. The grand finale match of the day ended as expected with an Inter victory over Roma. I can't say Roma didn't try though...those two short handed goals is impressive.

In Spain Real Madrid had one of their best games this season...sans Benzema. I did miss the Ramos. No Gago either. It was nice to see Kaka play well but I really don't want to get my hopes up. I keep waiting for him to get re-injured every time he steps on the pitch. I almost wonder if he will ever be able to play an entire game again.  Still he made a great contribution to the team this week and I hope he can keep it up...especially for the big games. Cris finally was back to his scoring ways. For Real Madrid to succeed, he has to stay like that. I really would like to see him win the goal scoring title in La Liga this season. He does deserve it. Adebayor scored as well. He seems to be turning into a last minute goal scoring specialist. quidquid. As long as he scores, works well with the team and keeps smiling I can't complain. That said, when the first half ended all I kept thinking was ' if Higuain had been playing, the score would be 6-0 by now'. Animo Pipita.

There was some other big football game yesterday in America as well. Well pseudo-football. LOL...congrats to the Packers and their fans. It  turned out to be a good game and either team could have won it. The halftime show was HORRIBLE. I'm certain that if I liked the Black Eyed Peas I would have enjoyed it but they aren't exactly my favourite band. Also the performance seemed more suited to the American Music Awards or even the Grammies...not the Superbowl. I would have prefered Usher to have been on stage for the entire HT show as he is a far superior all round entertainer than the BEPs. Speaking of the Grammies, that is next weekend right?
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