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Wake me up in 71 days...

I'm falling asleep on the sofa and niviene  wakes me up to tell me "your people are on".  I turn around to see they are showing an ad on HBO for A Game of Thrones. Apparently they are "MY PEOPLE" now....LOL. What is even funnier is she recognized the name 'Stark' yet I don't recall speaking about the Starks that much. Normally it is all about the Lannisters or Dany or Jon Snow or just Arya or Bran... I can't believe she remembered the name 'Stark'.  LOL...only 71 days to go.

Tonight's Merlin episode finally saw the arrival of the much heralded Sir Gwaine. OK now I get what all the British girls are squeeing about. Although he is my type he really didn't impress me that much. I'll take Merlin or Arthur over him any day.  In fact, I even prefer Lancelot. Just sayin'. It may be good news that in 71 days I will be watching A Game of Thrones but unfortunately it means Merlin Season 3 will be over :( Too bad they couldn't run simultaneously with the Borgias as well.
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idk...the name stark just sticks in my mind. I don't remember the midget's name or anyone else's for that matter except Ned Stark and Jeimie Lanister that's it. And technically it is 'your people' because I haven't read the books. The only person I'd actually recognized is Sean Bean and Jason Momoa whose character name I don't actually remember although you've told me a few times but I'd know the name if I saw it...he has the horses....yes I remember the horses....again idk weird things stick out to me.

Ya Gawain did nothing for me in the tv show and the dark hair is all wrong imho although in books he's usually depicted as my type with long blond hair etc He was endearing though I have to say as a character....Lancelot not as much...ths show's Gawain has that twinkle in the eye and devil may care attitude while Lance always seem stressed. The writers need to fix that....and I wish they'd give that token knight a real name...the tall one that's bigger than 'Arthur" that's in all the episodes...poor guy needs a name...
LOL...poor guy, he really does need a name. Maybe we should just give him a nickname, like TDS. He could be TGK = tall, generic, knightly