The Age of Aquarius...

A news release for the 2011-12 Mirvish Theatre Productions season has been issued and guess what musical is included on the list???

How many times do you think I'll be seeing that one...LOL? First JCS at Stratford, and now this. My two favourite musicals...*squee*...So much for my travel savings fund...I am renaming it my JCS/Hair tickets fund.

As for the rest of the productions, everyone seems to be gaga over the fact that Kim Cattrall will be here in the production of Noel Coward's Private Lives. *rolls eyes* However, I read on one of the news releases that Matthew MacFadyen will be in that production as well and if that is true it may be worth seeing as he is a great actor. Not really caring about the other shows that much although I have always wanted to see Chess so that play be on tap for next fall.
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Woo can't wait to see Hair love love this musical. I wish we can go every night! Maybe I can dance again on stage in this production too?!?!