The Grammy Awards...

The Grammy Awards were just not that great this year. A few of the acts were all right - I love the Cee Lo Green song and having Gwyneth Paltrow perform it with him made it all the better but the silly costume he wore was just not required. Gaga was Gaga. The song and performance were great but, dare I say, a little too normal for Gaga. Born This Way does bring back memories of Madonna's Express Yourself but I won't fault her for the homage since the majority of today's hits are simply remakes or 're-imaginings' of old songs. Rihanna and Drake were the hottest duo on stage...too bad for the lipsynching. Eminem was angsty as per normal. Again, brilliant song though. I was more impressed by Skyler Grey's backup vocals on the performance. I expected more from Bruno Mars. Same for Usher and Biebs who were good but could have been better especially if Usher didn't sing O.M.G. for the thousandth time. The Aretha tribute seemed oddly placed as the opening number - it should have came midway through the show. I think they should have started out with a more contemporary performer - maybe Katy Perry would have been appropriate. She did a decent job - normally she sounds horrid live. Of course, the highlight of the night was just seeing Russell Brand. It is sad that 70+ year old Mick Jagger was the only person aside from Gaga that seemed to have any ENERGY out there.  As for the rest, meh, not caring. There were also some awards presented...really...there were...although you would have never guessed it seeing as only ONE AWARD was presented within the first hour. That would explain why the event ran on late till 11:30 PM. I was falling asleep by the 10:45 mark. Not really sure what stipulations for these awards are but it seemed like most of the winners were for songs that must have been out for what seems like at least two years (i.e. Arcade Fire, Lady Antebellum).

I rate the show a 2.5 out of 5 and I'm pretty sure Anne Hathaway and James Franco will make the Oscars a lot more entertaining.
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I really am hopeless about music and didn't watch the Grammys...
But I do like Usher and Bruno Mars. :)
Both Usher and Bruno Mars are great performers which is more than I can say for most of the so-called 'musicians' of the day.
Skyler Grey was awesome...

Every time I see Gaga I read Gago LMAO!

Russell Brand = <3
Every time I type Gaga I have to check it to make sure I didn't type Gago. LOL

Gago retro icon...miss the hair
I don't watch because I find award shows boring ... I usually just read your critique and get the jest of it ........