Today on the esplanade...

There was a water main break on the street right beside my condo. Breakfast Television was reporting live from the scene this morning. It was a complete mess outside. I'm glad I was able to avoid the whole situation by rerouting my commute . I'm also thankful it's not expected to be very cold over the next few days or else all that water would freeze over and it would be an ice rink around my building. And in other freaky weather related stories, right now it is snow/hailing outside - it's like small snow pellets. If you get hit by them they hurt. I'm glad I had a hood on as I walked from the bus stop to my workplace.

While working on the budget I was informed that I received a 5 percent raise (3% cost of living increase, 2% raise). Woo hoo!! I've already allocated that money to RRSPs. I'm really enjoying saving money. Who knew? I guess all that debt management paid off.

I finished Persuasion and have now started the last of the six Austen novels I planned on reading, Emma. It turns out I saved the best two for last. Persuasion was so good even though it was missing that little bit of dry humour that I enjoy in the Austen novels. The lead character in the novel was far more desirable than the leads in the other Austen novels. Still not as good as Emma or Pride & Prejudice, but definitely enjoyable. Once I finish Emma I'll be moving on to the Kathleen McGowan Mary Magdalene trilogy. I've already completed the first book but am eager to read the third book, The Poet Prince, which focuses on the Medici.
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It was nice of the BT location camera crew to put out salt (and nice of the Coffee Time to provide the salt) so people wouldn't slip on the wet sidewalks.

I haven't had a raise in 5 years...need to find a new job for that reason alone (will consider it after the KRP). My Director doesn't believe in raises. He thinks he looks good to his boss if he keeps the salaries low but the work is being done. We have this ridiculous rating system call a "merit" increase which enables management to score employees low enough not to have to give a merit raise but still say you're doing a great job. My director claims other depts don't get raises either but he must really think we're all stupid to believe it as other people in various depts mention the raises they get.One thing he doesn't realize is moral in his 2 depts are one of the lowest in the building and loyalty of employees is also non-existent. A couple of people left within a few weeks of each other...not sure what his boss thinks of that.

Our system for raises isn't logical. We just get them automatically and everyone pretty much gets the same % increase so there is no incentive to do well. I could just completely slack off and still get a raise like some other employees around here do.