Plans for the long weekend...sort of...

I have big plans for this long weekend. Along with the usual grocery shopping and what not, I am going to clean out my bedroom closet, go through the grooming supplies in the bathroom and eliminate the stuff I don't use, and help clear out the fridge. Doesn't that sound like so much fun...LOL? None of this weekend's football matches seem that promising although I am looking forward to watching Real Madrid play sans Iker. That should be interesting. Hopefully there will be some good movies on TV. I also hope this warm weather holds out a little longer so I can take a walk around the Distillery District or maybe up to the Carrot Common.
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Ya and I still have to finish the papers/books on the floor in the library....
I would love to go through the library this weekend to list out the books that are going and then pack them up. I'm not sure how inspired I'll be as the weekend progresses. We definitely need to do this before April though.
Hey...your weekend sounds like a lot of fun! (I jest.)
It sounds like my LAST weekend, when we got the basement storage area fairly well cleaned out. We gave lots of stuff to the Children's Wish Foundation and rediscovered some useful things we had forgotten about.

Gosh, I forgot about Iker being suspended for this match! But the new GK (is it Adan?) did well last week, so hopefully this will continue. They MUST win this!

The weather forecast doesn't look great...but not horrible either. *sigh*
I managed to get through it okay. It really didn't take that long to clear the closet. I wound up with one extremely large bag of clothes to give to charity :)