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Not feeling particularly great today. It is gloomy and dark outside...again. I would just like to curl up in bed and go back to sleep. I really need something that will make me HAPPY. I have no legitimate reason to be sad but it seems like nothing is making me happy these days either. Something good must happen soon, right? Maybe I should get a facial? IDK. I'd love to even just be able to go out for a walk or a run but the weather is simply not conducive for that at least for another couple of months. Suggestions please???

At least I have some good new tv series to look forward to...A Game of Thrones will be great as will The Borgias and both will be airing in Canada soon enough. Tonight Camelot debuts on Starz in America. The cast looks stellar - Joseph Fiennes as Merlin, Eva Green as Morgan, Claire Forlani as Igraine, James Purefoy as Lot, Philip Winchester (from Crusoe and Fringe) as Leontes and starring Tamsin Egerton (from St. Trinians) as Gwen and the requisite hot guy, Jamie Campbell Bower, (from Harry Potter and Twilight) as Arthur.

I have no idea when, or if, for that matter, the show will be broadcast in Canada. I don't know if Space will add it to their lineup since they already have Merlin. Or perhaps it would be the perfect fill in once the third season of Merlin ends in April. I doubt it though. Spartacus is also on Starz in the States so maybe Camelot will be picked up in Canada by TMN like they did with Spartacus. And presumably Canada will get it a couple of months after the US then? Ahh how I miss Rome...and on that note, Sheldon Cooper mentioned the reign of Caligula during last night's episode of BBT. That pretty much made my evening. 

Soccer isn't going to cut it this weekend. My highlight game this weekend isn't actually till Monday when #2 Napoli play #1 Milan. Forza Napoli...at this point I honestly believe they deserve the top spot in Serie A this season. The highlight of the weekend will likely be the Oscars which will include a mix of both mind-numbing boredom and sensational glitz....ideally the right amount of both to keep me reasonably interested and entertained. I expect Anne Hathaway and James Franco will do an admirable job hosting. I doubt they will be as great as Hugh Jackman but they certainly won't be as horrid as some of the so-called comedians who usually host these things. What I wouldn't give to see Russell Brand host the Oscars...LOL.

Have a great weekend everyone. *hugs*
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oh me wants this!!!!
you´re my tv guide LOL
love the topic of camelot, love ralph, jaime and james. *runs to search and download*
Just watched it and it looks promising. Different of the legends I´ve read but good. It has some awkward moments that if I was the director probably I made them repeat them. But I think the series will be good. James Purefoy and Eva Green are great, well, she´s great. Jaime has his moments, and so does Ralph. HIs Merlin is a bit...odd.
I still want to see it...despite the oddities. Merlin is full of diversions from the 'true' legend but that's usually what makes it interesting. I bet Eva Green is brilliant...she seems just right for the part of Morgana. I'm not going to download the shows yet...I'm waiting for it to air here in Canada supposedly on CBC sometime in the not too distant future and I'd rather see it in HD glory.
Not feeling particularly great today.

Me either....something good has got to be just around the corner.

Tonight Camelot debuts on Starz in America.

Good cast...not thrilled with Fiennes as Merlin but he'll do for now. I'm not sure anyone will ever be good enough to play Merlin <3....just saying.

Philip Winchester and Jamie Campbell Bower now there's some eye candy. I have no complaints! Wish is was starting here NOW.