Meetings over...till June...

I am so happy the weekend is O V E R. I hate meetings weekends as they completely drain me. It is just non stop. Even my meals are rushed and cannot be enjoyed. The meetings are a complete waste of time IMO - at least the ones I attend are. They can all be completed by conference call but the volunteers LOVE their in person meeting. MEH. I've already finished about 90% of my meeting notes and really should just step up and finish them off. I'm just being lazy about it. quidquid. With the meetings behind me now and no meetings again until the AGM at the end of June which I am so trying to find a way to avoid perchance I can get back into a regular eat-workout-sleep routine. Virgos crave balance and this is just what I need now. The clocks will go ahead this weekend so that may cause a bit of a setback but at least it is light outside when I wake up in the morning and that makes a big difference. I can't wait till spring...or at least more sunlight hours. I also booked a week off in April  which I have targeted as the week to start my running program.

I can barely remember this weekend's soccer. I do recall Real Madrid won, without CR7. I also recall watching Palermo vs Lazio - my two fav Serie A goalies, with the right one getting the shut out.Sadly no exchange of jerseys at the end of the match for Sirigu and Muslera. Maybe next year. I also remember Napoli's crash and burn. I think that Milan match two weeks ago was the harbinger of their downfall...I hope they can still recover to stay at least top four this season. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I really am looking forward to the Barca-Arsenal match today. Go Gunners (like that will ever happen...LOL)

On the 'entertainment' front this weekend I was finally able to get to a theatre to see The Adjustment Bureau. I expected it would be enjoyable and was not disappointed. Love Matt Damon and Emily Blunt - they had the exact believable on screen chemistry required to make that movie work. Not too much sci fi (like other Philip K Dick stories to movies), not too much romance - just  the right mix to make in entertaining. Arguably the best episode of Merlin (Season 3) was on this weekend...they tend to alternate between cheesy comedic episode and serious plot/character advancement episode. In other words, next week's episode will therefore be silly. Oh well. There are only five episodes left in the season which takes us to April 9...exactly one week before the series premiere of.....CONTINUED ON  MY NEXT POST
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The Adjustment Bureau was so amazingly good and entertaining...Emily and Matt were perfect in it!

Merlin how do I love that show! Dynamics between Merlin and Gawain are just too cute! No! Say it isn't so only 5 episodes...I can't wait until next wants more Merlin NOW!
Sorry but Merlin + Arthur > Merlin + Gwaine for me....and let's just put this out there now Merlin + Arthur > Arthur + Gwen. Merlin and Arthur and have WAY more chemistry than Arthur and Gwen. In fact Merlin and Gaius have more chemistry than Arthur and Gwen for that matter. In fact Merlin and the dragon have more chemistry than Arthur and Gwen...I think you get my drift ...LOL. Merlin and Arthur are sooo good together they can arguably compete with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in TFATF and Aragon and Legolas in The Two Towers.

I checked out the series episode guide and confirmed that there are five episodes left in Season Three...MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD...
(5) This week's episode is about Gaius and his former love who is now possessed by a monster (not expecting much from it)
(4) About Arthur & Gwen - Morgana tells Uther about their relationship, Uther banishes Gwen, Arthur decides to leave with her, Morgana convinces Uther that Gwen has enchanted Arthur...blah blah blah *gags*
(3) Something to do with a no holds barred tournament where one of the competitors uses magic to assist him (umm didn't they do this already in season one? - another filler episode IMO)
(2 & 1) - the last episodes are a two part season finale - and they sound amazing. The first half is the 'Merlin' version of the Grail quest and the second half is the formation of the Round Table. The boys are off to find the 'cup of life'. Cenred (aka hot evil guy) and Morgause are back. So are the Druids. Camelot is invaded and at some point Morgana is declared queen. Her reign of terror begins. The round table is formed including Lance, Gwaine and Percival (and hopefully the Knight with no-name...woohoo). Merlin uses the waters of Avalon given to him by the Fisher King to locate Excalibur...etc. etc. If all runs accordingly the air dates for these two episodes will be April 2 and April 9...mark your calendar now.

I read that Season Four will commence January 2012 on the BBC. That is such a long wait since we likely won't get it until Spring or Summer 2012 :(

By the way you should go to the BBC Merlin website. I haven't had the chance to really check it out but it looks decent...