Yes, more A Game of Thrones...

First off, let me start by saying I commenced my day by going to Tim Horton's to pick up my free tea. They gave me coffee by mistake. Whoops! Me + large coffee first thing in the morning = not a good thing. I shall now be hyper all day.

Last night I spent some time searching Youtube for (a) Russell Brand interviews and (b) Game of Thrones previews. There are plenty of Russell Brand interviews out there...the man is just a riot. However the most interesting Russell Brand news that I stumbled across was the fact that he is in talks to play 'Lonnie' in the movie adaptation of Rock of Ages. Sounds great although the part was really written for Jack Black IMO. Based on the other individuals that have been cast, Russell Brand would be the ONLY reason I'd see the movie though. TOM CRUISE AS STACEE JAXX???!!!!  REALLY???? And Alec Baldwin as Dennis...*headdesk*...FML...

Arguably more exciting even than Russell Brand's opening monologue on SNL was the hitherto unbeknownst to me preview for A Game of Thrones which is taken from one of my absolute favourite scenes in the book....(spoiler alert) In this scene, Jon Snow is saying his farewell to his  favourite half-sister Arya - the two are separating (presumably forever) - him to travel North to serve in the Night's Watch and her to the South to accompany their father to King's Landing where he is to assume the second-in-command position to the High King. Arya is a bit of a tomboy, to say the least,....not exactly your typical 'princess'. Anyhow, Jon gives her a present to mark their departures....

Good...but not nearly as emotional as the book version. Still, one of my fav quotes..."first lesson, stick them with the pointy end". *fangirl squee*

I've read some comments that the ASOIAF fanbase is not particularly enamored by the actor cast as Jon Snow (Kit Harington). I can understand the trepidation - his role is VITAL to the credibility and success of the series. You have to LOVE Jon Snow. You have to cheer for him and want to see him succeed. Kit hasn't done anything to wow me in the previews but he also hasn't really annoyed me either. I am reluctant to pronounce any judgment until I watch the entire series and until then I will give him the benefit of the doubt . To be truthful I'm more worried about the casting of Jaime Lannister - I always pictured Jaime as the ultimate warrior knight - think Greek God Apollo meets Sir Galahad. From what I've seen in the previews, Jaime seems relatively mortal and nothing particularly special. Hopefully Nikolaj Coster-Waldau can carry off the swagger it takes to be Jaime Lannister or else I truly will be disappointed....not so much in this season (Jaime is quite the asshole in the first book IMO) but in the seasons to come, especially when Brienne comes into the picture. 

As for the rest of the casting, there was no one other than Peter Dinklage that could possibly do justice to the role of Tyrion Lannister so for that I'm happy. HBO lucked out with Sean Bean as well for Ned Stark. I never considered Ned a major character but Sean will add the right amount of gravitas to the role.  Based on the previews I've seen so far, Emilia Clarke looks so right as Daenerys Targaryen it is as though she was born for the part. Harry Lloyd as her brother Viserys makes me actually look forward to seeing more of his character - I hated him in the book. I'm already convinced that Isaac Hempstead-Wright will break my heart as Bran. Maisie Williams makes a cute Arya. As for the trio of nasty chief councillors, Aiden Gillen seems to have nailed the mischievous Lord Petyr Baelish (aka Littlefinger) role but I have yet to see anything of the actors playing Lord Varys (aka "the spider" and the "master of the whisperers") or Grand Master Pycelle.  Mark Addy is certainly  boisterous enough to be the High King Robert Baratheon. Lena Headey seems to be a bit subdued as Queen Cersei but I'll give her a chance. I have yet to see the actor cast as Sandor ("The Hound") Clegane and I pray he is appropriate for he does have a key role IMO should this go forward in future seasons. Sophie Turner is pretty enough for Sansa...not my fav character though so not really caring. Ditto for the actors portraying playing Robb and Catelyn Stark  - meh. I'm certain they'll be adequate. Jack Gleeson does have that mini-'Caligula' look about him which makes him apropos as the royal prat, Joffrey Baratheon.  And yes, niviene , that 'hot guy' was cast as Khal Drogo...fyi he is perfect for the part!!
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I'm more worried about the casting of Jaime Lannister - I always pictured Jaime as the ultimate warrior knight - think Greek God Apollo meets Sir Galahad.

Oh ya....I'd like me some of that please!!!
I thought about that description and,in hindsight, I think I'd change it to a cross between Sir Galahad and Achilles. It seems more appropriate...especially since Brad Pitt would have been the ONLY person I could truly envision in the role.
Ya I still want some of that either way....*sigh, swoon*

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Book Jaime is so hot...really....he is such stuff as romance novels are made on....(sorry about that plagiarism there Will)