On why Sundays are the best days of the week...

CTV/Bravo has issued the following press release....

"Bravo! is about to unleash all that’s unholy with the premiere of its new Original Series THE BORGIAS, airing uncensored Sundays at 10 p.m. ET, beginning April 3 with a special two-hour launch event"

So The Borgias will be on after A Game of Thrones on Sunday nights in Canada!!! WOOT!!!! Basically I will be incommunicado (and likely catatonic) on Sunday nights so do not attempt any type of contact with me at that time. The Borgias will be starting up sooner than expected. I was anticipating late April or early May. This is great news all round. I don't suppose CBC wants to start airing Camelot on Sundays at 8 PM?  *wishful thinking* Ummm, does Bravo have an HD channel??? I fear they don't. I must check that tonight.

Not to be outdone, HBO has released two new features/previews for A Game of Thrones. I wasn't going to bother posting them but hey, I guess I need to be fair.

The first is a featurette on House Stark. I can only assume there will be further featurettes on House Lannister and possibly the Targaryens??

That video is a pretty decent primer for those who haven't read the books. I already like HBO Sansa better than book Sansa. Richard Madden's accent is hot And George, its KATE - LYNN not CAT-A-LEAN...

The second is what I am calling the definitive preview - it's like a mish mash of the best parts of the past previews and with some new additions...

Oh gosh, Old Nan needs to tell more stories...her voice is arguably as addictive as Sean Bean's. Spymaster alert at 1:02, Arya with Syrio 1:06 and niviene , please be seated (preferably with a fan and a substantial beverage nearby) for the duration of the 1:15-1:20 mark. Just sayin'
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Will check out the clips when not at work.

Sunday are gearing up to be awesome! I do hope Camelot is on at 8pm. I don't recall Bravo having HD unfortunately.
Too bad Merlin was ending - we could have just switched it from Saturday to Sunday and Sundays would have been perfect.
ok watched the clip...there wasn't nearly enough of Jason...aka Khal Drogo...we were deprived in SG-A...I'm going to hate when his character dies...bastards!!!
This is HBO...think True Blood. Even though characters may die in the books, you never know...they may live to see another day in the tv version.
I guess I'll be spending my Sundays in front of the TV as well! I'll check out the videos now. :)
Oh dear...add that to all the Sunday football and we will be both be certifiable couch potatoes...LOL