Computer, Time Change, Soccer...

I have ordered my new computer. It is scheduled to arrive early April. As a result I will need to reconfigure the library - and purchase a new desk. The new printer and monitor are twice the size of the old ones so there is no way they can fit on the little desk that currently sits in the library. Found one - at IKEA. It's decent and reasonably priced and should fit nicely. Only problem is I wish it was black with birch instead of white with birch. Meh, I can't complain for $100. I hope to have it in my condo by the end of the month. Next weekend I will need to reorganize the library to make everything fit...that means, moving the books and bookcases *groans*

Fortunately I do not suffer from jet lag so time changes don't bother me too much. I just tend to go by sunlight - if it's light out I should be awake; if it's dark out I should be sleeping (or at least indoors, relaxing). Waking up in darkness again was not enjoyable. I'll have to deal with that for another month. At least it will be lighter outside for longer so it will likely inspire me to workout more...I hope.

Soccer this weekend - Real Madrid won and Barca drew which puts Real Madrid just 5 points behind the league leaders :) Lazio lost the derby...and dropped to fifth place. I kind of expected that though. There are always two certainties when it comes to the Rome derby - first, someone will get a red card and second, Roma will score on a penalty kick. Didn't really appreciate the Roma fans flashing a light in Muslera's eyes during the free kick...but I suppose that behaviour can never be curtailed. The psycho Spanish fans do worse to Iker IMO. Oh well. Both the Milan teams drew and Napoli won so the Serie A weekend actually turned out pretty decent. Current Serie A standings: Milan - 62; Inter - 57; Napoli - 56; Udinese - 53; Lazio - 51; Roma - 49 - nine weeks (I think) to go.
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Wow, I'm replying to my own post...LOL. Just as an update...Roma was fined 35,000 euros ($50,000) after a fan directed a laser beam at Lazio goalkeeper Fernando Muslera — notably when he was attempting to stop a penalty kick from Francesco Totti.

What I don’t understand is how they allow those laser lights into the stadium in the first place as it can blind a player…that would be just horrible. People just don’t think and the clubs should be protecting their players better. Ban them I say!

EDIT: I just saw your reply post about the $$ fines. That is great to know but I still think lasers should be banned outright!

Edited at 2011-03-14 06:38 pm (UTC)
They should be banned but I just don't know how they could prevent people from bringing them in though as they are so tiny.
If they prosecuted anyone who was in possession of one at the stadium it might deter people from bringing them in or using them...hefty fines and/or serious jail time.
Here's hoping...not only them but the people who trash (that is, set fire to seats, etc.) the stadiums. I'd love to go to a live game in Italy but I've basically ruled out Turin because of the fans. Can we get Siena back in Serie A? Nice people, nice stadium.
I just don't why anyone would start a fire in the first place. European Footy fans are just crazy imho. Should be prosecuted as well for that....