Yet more HBO media..

As promised, the final two House videos...first the Baratheons....

FYI, book Renly is WAY HOTTER than HBO Renly. *disappointed* No Stannis yet. A glimpse of the infamous Lyanna Stark - I hope they do a flashback for her story (although given the Jon Snow parentage speculation, I guess that won't happen anytime soon). Mark Addy was a controversial choice for Robert - I have no idea why though. He seems perfect for the part. Oh sweet little Tommen...how you were born into that family is beyond me. I cannot get enough of the scene where Tyrion slaps Joffrey...definitely one of the highlights of the book. And was the relatively pretty young man in the background the infamous Sir Loras?? Hmmm

And now for the Lannisters...

Oh geez, Tywin looks just badass enough to totally loathe him...good casting there. As for the rest of the video, meh, I honestly don't think it did the Lannister family justice.

Last ASOIAF media for the day - what I assume are going to be the four official promo posters have now been released - one for each of the major houses. The one for Dany is so gorgeous...

Ned Stark

Robert Baratheon

Cersei Lannister


I only wish they could have made ones for Jon (and Ghost) and Tyrion but I guess one per house is all they are going with...

OK that is it for A Game of Thrones today...now I have to get ready for the big Champions League game. Hala Madrid!!
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Oh I can´t wait any longer!!! Reading the first book slowly because bought the other ones and they are shipped on the 22nd LOL
I think Cercei looks too nice for the bitch she is. And Jaime is hot but not as much as the book says, but I guess no one in real life is as beautiful as him hehe
Where did you see Lyanna? And I´m all for Jon´s parentage speculation, thought about it when reading spoilers for the other books, couldn´t help myself.
Wow you are reading the series?! I'm excited for you. Isn't it amazing so far? What part are you up to now? I'm currently rereading the first book just to get reacquainted with everyone before the series starts up.

Cersei is quite a bitch (wait till you get to book four...OMG, she is brutal!! She is her father's daughter, that's for sure). IKR re: Jaime - book Jaime sounds so gorgeous.I don't be believe there is a man good looking enough to play him...LOL

Lyanna isn't really in the clip - she is only there as an 'in memorium' statue. I think it is a clip taken from that scene at the beginning of the novel when Robert and Ned visit the Stark crypt = when King Robert looks at her statue and says "she was more beautiful than that".

Jon Snow - so many rumours as to whom his true parents are. Yes, there certainly is a lot of speculation out there. I think it's because he is such a great character. We want to see him rise from his allegedly humble beginning to be something greater. I'm pretty sure he will in the end.
The poster with the line "Everyone but us is the enemy" makes me think of elves and LOTR lol

Travis Fimmel when he was younger would have been perfect for Jamie Lanister in teh prettiness...see icon :D
Jaime is actually supposed to be in his thirties. I can't remember if they mention his exact age but he is Cersei's twin and since Cersei has a teenager she has to at least be 30.
The posters are great.... I like this character Jaime..Nikola Coster Wadldau.. he's handsome I think.....I did not see any promo's via the TV....If its April 17th start date, I think there should of been more build up...