CL Draw, Indian Wells, the manuscript, eReader, facial...

Wow...Champions League draw...
  • Real Madrid vs Tottenham (I called that one)
  • Barcelona vs Shaktar Donetsk
  • Inter vs Schalke
  • Chelsea vs Manchester United
If Real Madrid win, they would face the winner of Barca vs Shaktar in the Semis. Personally I am hoping for a Real Madrid/Inter final for several reasons. First, I want Real Madrid to win...period. Second, I want a Serie A team to go as far as possible. Third, I'd honestly rather a Real Madrid/Man U final but I don't want a British team playing a final in Wembley - I consider that a home field advantage.

A couple of potentially decent matches at Indian Wells today. In the Doubles semi final - Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka will face off against Rafael Nadal and Marc Lopez. Too bad they hardly ever air the doubles matches. Ironic that this match will take place following the singles match between Federer against his doubles partner Wawrinka...LOL

In my almost daily ASOIAF news, I stumbled across this pic of Bantam Books editor Anne Groell with 95% of the manuscript of A Dance with Dragons...'s that long o_O...there goes my summer. I have actually booked the release date of July 12th off to start reading it.  I should also direct you to GRRM's livejournal where he has posted some pics from the New York HBO store's display of props and costumes from A Game of Thrones. Ummm, this is New York. I hope you have a lot of security around these items - just sayin'.

I purchased my first two ebooks via Kobo. IT should come as no surprise that the first book was A Game of Thrones as I plan on rereading it prior to the series start date. The e-version sure beats that gigantic paperback version that I had to lug around before. I also purchased (FINALLY) The Scarlet Contessa which is about Caterina Sforza (and the Borgias, and the Renaissance) which should also coincide nicely with the start of The Borgias series as well. I do enjoy the Jeanne Kalogridis novels...she is a far superior author to Philippa Gregory IMO and frankly, the Italian Renaissance makes for better historical fiction than British history anyway.

I get to leave work early today thanks to a server problem. The system needs to shut down at 3 PM to allow our tech to work his magic. I'm taking advantage of this early departure and heading over to Pure + Simple for a long overdue super-hydrating facial which hopefully will help my skin survive through these final vestiges of winter. Perfect way to end the work week :)

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.
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I’d be jealous of the facial except mine is not that far off on April 10th….so nice to be pampered isn't it?!?! :D