I am not doing shit today

Happy first day of Spring...not

A kind of semi-rant, negative post today...sorry. Just skip it if you want. I hope to be back to my normal moderately happy self tomorrow...or maybe when the sun shines again.

Not really sure if it's my work computer or it's Livejournal but I have had such difficulties trying to post over the past week...I keep getting a 404 error message from LJ whenever I try to post. I have to keep refreshing and then, eventually, after a few tries, I am able to post. ODD

It hasn't been the greatest of weekends for me. Saturday was fine - did the usual grocery shopping, picked up some baskets for my closet at Winners, moved some stuff around in the condo, watched the Madrid derby and Merlin. Sunday on the other hand was, in a word, painful. I had a back ache and literally could not move - it hurt to turn my head to the left and that was the good side. I couldn't even turn my head to the right. The pain was all across my neck, upper shoulders and upper back...mostly on the right side. I took a hot shower and blasted water on my neck and back. I also did some stretches - only what I could manage. That must have helped a little since my left side is a lot looser today. My right side is still completely tense though. I wasn't going to go to work but decided since my boss was off to come in, sit down, relax (since I have nothing to do right now) and leave early to go to Iyashi Bedrock Spa where, hopefully, the hot rocks will help. I know I should get a massage but since I have already paid for my visits to the bedrock spa I'll try there first. If it is REALLY bad still tomorrow I'll stay home and go somewhere to get a massage. If the bedrock spa helps I may just go back there again either tomorrow or Wednesday. I think they even have an RMT on site. Note to self: DO NOT CARRY HEAVY BAGS. I'm pretty sure that is how it all started.

Good job my boss wasn't in today. The last thing I want right now is to hear about another vacation that isn't mine...:(  And on that note, it is the first full day of Spring and oh, look at that, snow is in the weather forecast for later this week. *rolls eyes*
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First of all, *HUGS*. Good, I hope that makes you feel a little better.

When I used to have posting problems with LJ I whined to a fellow flister about it and fortunately she told me about an LJ posting service called 'Semagic'. It's an extremely easy little program to use...just download it and you can make your post there, which will then automatically go into LJ without any further problems of the sort you are experiencing. Semagic also has some built-in coding and so on...just click the appropriate button and the code will go in without you having to write it all out. I highly recommend it. If your computer inadvertently shuts off while you are using it (power surge or whatever) Semagic will automatically save your entry as well. The next time you log back in, your partial entry will appear just as you left it. I think it's a great tool. :)

Oh, I adore Winners! I always go there for kitschy things for the house, I've always managed to find great bargains there too. And it was absolutely fabulous this past Christmas for shopping. The Boxing Week sales were terrific too.♥

Ouch! It sounds like you probably strained some muscles...that can be very painful, but hopefully the bedrock spa will help you out. I do think that stretching on your own will help too, painful though that might be!

Hand in there, kid. You'll be alright. :)
Thank you...and it did help, a lot. Of course retail therapy at Winners also helps :)

I must check out that service...in fact I'm going to do that right now.
Between the hot bedrock slabs, some massage, and rest you'll be fine in no time!
The bedrock spa really helped. I need to sleep in a better position though. I tried alternating back and side last night. I think my pillow is too high for sleeping on my back. And there are so many options for side sleeper pillows...I'm sooooo confused.