Spas, countdowns and characters...

Good news...I'm about 70% back to normal. The bedrock spa helped my back recover faster. Plus while perusing the magazines during the break times it introduced me to a new spa I want to check out maybe later this spring when the weather is nicer....Body Blitz Spa. It sounds a lot like a Roman bath with it's 'water circuit' featuring a Dead Sea salt pool, green tea pool and cold plunge pool as well as infrared sauna and steam rooms . How cool. I'd love to just lounge around there on my week off.  Anyhow, I need to really do some stretches today and take another long, hot shower. Hopefully I'll be back to normal before the weekend.

Some worthy countdowns...
  • 12 days till The Borgias series premiere
  • 18 days till the season three finale of Merlin
  • 23 days till I start my week off work...and also, the night of  the season premiere of Friday Night Lights
  • 25 (or 26) days till El Clasico...TBA - Saturday or Sunday???
  • 26 days till A Game of Thrones series premiere
  • 29 days till the Copa Del Rey final (rumour has it Gonzalo Higuain may be back in time...)
And for the heck of it...HBO's latest AGoT promo videos consist of individual character profiles. I believe there are six currently on line -  Bran, Jaime, Tyrion, Jon, Catelyn & Khal Drogo. Each of the videos can be found on the HBO A Game of Thrones Youtube Channel (along with all the previous promo videos). Hard for me to choose a fave between Tyrion and Jon so those are the ones I'll post...

As you can already guess, GRRM has a thing for the 'underdog' in his novels. Figures, the guy wrote for the Beauty and the Beast tv series. BTW, I was shocked to see the view count for these character profiles: Jaime - 4674,  Khal - 4333, Tyrion - 3282, Bran - 2965, Jon - 2884, Catelyn - 1703. Really, BRAN STARK has a higher view count than JON SNOW....the kid is cute but REALLY?! FTW. So much for Catelyn...LOL. I can't say as I liked her in the books either.
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I will miss Merlin :(. Can't wait for FNL even if it's the last season! I'd love to see Higuain in the Copa but he'll probably get in the game in the dying minutes as they'll ease him into games. Want Gago back asap!