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I have to weigh in on this season of American Idol so far. Really...America? What is wrong with you. Casey is arguably if not the best performer this year certainly top three and you vote him off. Are you kidding me? *shakes head* Thank God the judges had the common sense to use the save and keep him. If I were to choose right now my final three would be Casey, James and Paul.  All three have very unique voices although James, to me, sounds very similar to Adam Lambert. In fact, I've taken to calling him Lambert 2.0. If I had to choose between the three I honestly don't know who I'd prefer. I guess of the three, the only one whose album I would ever consider buying is...and I'm being blatantly honest here...Paul. I like his voice...what can I say. I doubt he'll win. I know people love Jacob and he is the early favourite. In all fairness he does seem to have all the qualities to win (great voice, personality, decent looking)  but there is something annoying about Jacob's voice in certain songs...I haven't quite pinned it yet. But IMO he isn't Marvin or Luther no matter how much he tries. I love Naima...she truly seems like she could be a pop star - she's gorgeous and she has a great stage presence...but unfortunately she isn't that great a singer. Meh - that didn't stop Britney Spears. Give Naima a chance and I'm certain she could be as good as anyone on the charts today. I can't stand Pia or Thia. They both come across like pageant contestants. I'll be happy when they are gone. Scotty is great and has the potential for commercial success. Truth is he doesn't really need to be on Idol - just give him a country recording contract already and be done with him. I really don't want to have to hear Scotty's take on everything from disco to broadway so the sooner he leaves the better (although I doubt he'll be leaving anytime soon). Lauren is fine - I have no complaints. I'd keep her for top five. Haley has a great voice but doesn't have a clue how to make the best use of it or how to perform on stage in general. She just looks awkward out there. Stefano...really? How has he even made it this far?

Just sayin'
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America isn't voting on the best performer they're voting on best performer who is also attractive. Little girls vote....don't be surprised if Scotty makes it all the way to top 3. Let's face it past seasons of Idol prove it's a popularity contest and Casey with his beard and hippy parents just doesn't cut it even if he's far above all the rest in musical talent. Hey Daughtry got voted off 4th....he's the best act they've had since Kelly Clarkson.

I do think James, Casey, Paul and Lauren are the best of the bunch.

Ya Scotty needs to just go to Nashville cuz he'd sell country records....hey they love Carrie Underwood o_O meh

Can't stand Pia and they keep pushing her like they did Catherine McPhee and we all know how her album with the help of David Foster flopped big time...Pia's Celine Dion #2 and I wouldnt' by Celine's albums so why would I even entertain Pia's? Thia doesn't have star quality and she sings too old for her age. Noone would buy her albums. Got to agree on Haley....she has a nice joplin thing to her voice but no idea who she is...she wants to do it all and that's not how the recording industry works. Why doesn't these "judges" give them some insight into the industry and some true advice??!! Who is Stephano again? Enough said.

Jacob might have a niche market but not Idol material in the long run....

Like Naima and I think someone could work with her to make her a hit....cross Pink and Shakira.

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As usual, you and I agree exactly on this year's batch of contestants. It would just be so much simpler if we could fast forward to the final long as it is OUR final four, that is.
I haven't been watching this IDOL at all. I read the Entertainment Weekly analysis on who should win and why, and none of the participants looked that interesting to me. I usually love listening to the singing...I am always interested in the song choices. If I'd watched it, I probably would have enjoyed far along are they now?
They have only just begun. There are still 11 contestants in the running so it will go on for a while. I guess the finals are in May as that is sweeps month.