o Cesare o niente...

Day off work yesterday. It was great...relaxing. I needed it. I maintain that everyone should be on a four day work week - with alternating Mondays and Fridays off (staggered so that half the staff is in on Monday and half on Friday). Further, if you are working in an office, your hours should be 9 am to 3 PM to coincide with school hours. I truly believe that work and life in general would be so much more effective and productive if we were on that schedule.

Difficult weekend without any soccer to watch...I miss my boys. That did free up my weekend though and gave me the opportunity on Saturday to visit Integrative Health Institute for a massage....the best massage I have ever had, I might add. The masseuse really knew what she was doing. Although I still have some pain in my back it is a lot less painful than it has been over the past two weeks. I'll be going back there to visit the chiropractor in mid April for further treatment.

A lot of Media blitzes for A Game of Thrones...my goodness I can't open Twitter without seeing something new. I'm just over halfway through my reread of AGoT and expect to be done well before the series starts. I read that GRRM 's manuscript for A Dance with Dragons is now over 1600 pages....*rolls eyes*. In pseudo AGoT news, I discovered that the sequel to Silent Hill, starring Sean Bean and the soon to be playing Jon Snow Kit Harington, is filming in Toronto. I will attempt to refrain from becoming a stalker...no promises though. And coincidentally the Cinespace Studios are on my bus route to work. *raises eyebrow*

But on to more URGENT news...ONLY FIVE DAYS TILL THE BORGIAS PREMIERE ON BRAVO. Five measly little days...that's it. I should go back in the history of my LJ to find out how long it has been seen I've begged and pleaded to the gods for someone to produce a series on the Borgias and it is finally at long last happening. I hope this series does the Borgias justice. And on that note, I came across this interview with Francois Arnaud (the CANADIAN boy who is portraying Chez)....

It seems like he did the appropriate research for the part...I just wish I was there to help along the way...authenticity and all, you know, LOL. I can't really say that I approve or validate him as Chez just yet...those are some awfully big shoes to fill...but he appears to be decent enough so far. I'll get back to you on Monday with further thoughts.
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Loved the massage too and yes Kashri was awesome and very intuitive. She freaked me out with the writer comment srsly. Want to get a massage every month for the next little while.
you haven´t seen the pilot? I had the address online, if you want it let me know.
Let´s be his PAs!!!! I am so up for it LOL he´s so yummy and his smile...*fans herself* plus I think he did a good job as Cesare in the pilot, I think he´ll do great, he has that sexy and mischievous look that Cesare had and he proved he can portrait evil too.
darling, don´t refrain yourself, stalk sean and lord snow!!!!!
I haven't seen The Borgias yet as I don't really enjoy watching things online - my home computer is so old it probably wouldn't even play the file and if I tried to watch at work I'd probably be interrupted too many times. Thanks though, bu I'll wait till the official premiere in Canada which is this Sunday night :)

PAs...he will need a couple after this. He looks like he'll be quite a success...on the same level maybe as Henry Cavill from The Tudors. Now Henry has the Superman part and his career is about to take off. I'd like to think that will happen for Francois as well.

Let the stalking begin...I've already been to Yorkville (aka where celebrities stay when in Toronto) once this week. Nothing yet, but you'll be the first to know if I see either one.
Not to be rude, but fellow Borgias geek here, so would I be able to grab the link? No cable, so I will be watching this series online anyway, and i'd love to see how this actor will do in the role. Can't wait for the premiere, haha. (love your icon btw)
sure!! here http://www.megavideo.com/?v=RXBDOOHX
it will let you watch 70 minutes first, wait 30 minutes, and then you can see the rest. the pilot was an hour and a half!!

the icon was so so great that I needed to have it LOL henry is hot anywhere, can´t wait for Superman icons *fans herself again*

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I've been seeing A Game of Thrones ads all over the city (I live in Chicago), and keep thinking "the Borgias should have some ads too!" ...but i'd probably steal them.
Sadly I have seen zero posters anywhere in my city for either The Borgias or A Game of Thrones ....if I did, after the few minutes when the initial shock wore off, my first thought would likely be 'how can I remove this poster without anyone noticing'...LOL