Livejournal, you naughty devil...and the battle for third spot in Serie A...

Crazy, crazy Livejournal. I have not been able to access the site for two days. Both days I kept getting booted out of the system or receiving error messages. Today is the first day I was actually able to log on and navigate freely between different pages. Mind you, my log on page was in Cyrillic...but it still worked...so I can't complain.

Hmmm, nothing too earth shattering going on. I still haven't won the lottery...unfortunately....so I am still at work instead of a beach in Fiji. Fortunately my boss has been away most of the week at championship events so I really have had a free reign in the office...which means I can leave early. That extra half hour makes a big difference - I don't have to rush around to get home at a decent hour. I can't wait till summer when he barely shows up. Only two weeks and one day to go till my week off... :)

Alas, my back is still a bit sore...i need to do more yoga and stretches. It really doesn't help that I sit at a desk and stare at a computer all day. I need to take more breaks. Now that the weather is turning nicer I should start going out for walks. I  must bring my old running shoes to work. That should provide me with some motivation. Tomorrow I'll pop by Softmoc in hopes of picking up some rainboots to get me through the forthcoming rainy month of April.

No news from The Borgias or the AGoT camps...okay there are tons of new promo videos but really, at this stage, I just want to see the shows already. Thankfully there will be soccer this weekend. There are a lot of 'big' games this weekend - the Milan derby, the Roma/Juventus match but for me the one I'm most interested in is the Napoli/Lazio match. Only problem is that games airs at 6:30 AM on Sunday, my time...ARGH...the game better be worth it. Here is some pre-match trash-talking banter from Muslera re: Cavani...

Lazio goalkeeper Fernando Muslera is looking forward to facing Napoli striker Edinson Cavani at the weekend.The Uruguayans know each other well from their time together with the national team. Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Muslera said: “I know all the Matador’s secrets. We often challenged ourselves to a penalty shoot out in training. I know where he puts the ball. The problem is that he knows that I know. It would be a great duel. His shots have an impressive power. I guarantee you that it hurts a goalkeeper’s hands saving his shots. Moreover, Edinson has another quality. When he shoots inside the penalty area, 90 per cent he always scores.”
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