GRRM's next book

April Fool's Day...

I have to admit I am slightly annoyed by this so-called holiday. No I am not being bitter because I was the victim of some silly prank. I could care less about that. In fact most people I know don't even bother. The real reason why the holiday is such a problem is because whenever a genuine issue comes up during the day people automatically assume it is an 'April Fool's Joke'. I'm getting a little tired telling everyone that I'm serious and it is not a joke. If April 1st falls on a workday next year I am taking it off. I don't need all the extra work of sending everything out twice or adding the "this is not an April Fool's joke' precautionary message to all my emails.

That said GRRM's April Fool's post was just plain evil...*narrows eyes*...five books instead of are a bad man. I did love the subtitles though...A Dance With Dragons: All the Other People *ROTFLMAO* 
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I think its a stupid thing this "April Fool's day"...most as you say ignore it no one took your emails seriously..that day...well if you do take it off next year maybe your out of office reply could be a clever joke ......