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Idol and idol worship...

Ahhh, American Idol, my faith is restored in you. The bottom three last night - Stefano, Jacob and Pia. EXACTLY who I would have chosen. In all fairness, Stefano was the worst performer this week and has been in the past as well. He deserved to be let go long ago and I hope he is the next to go. But I'm honestly happier that Pia is gone. I know that at lot of people liked her and yes she did have a good voice but that certainly isn't all that is required to be a success. She has zero charisma and zero stage presence. I'd never pay to see her in concert. She'd just stand there and sing....and BLAH....*bored to tears*. Cher and Bette Midler on the other hand...I'd pay to see. They get it....they can belt out a tune and STILL give you a crazy brilliant spectacle of a stage show at the same time. So for all the haters out there, take note. Girl was dull....she didn't deserve to win and America got it right. Now get rid of those other two and I'll be a happy camper.

Aside from Idol ...Howard and Bernadette are engaged...YAY!!! I love them as a couple. And that had to be one of the best eps of BBT this season. I hope they do get married and I hope that their wedding is the season finale. Perchance a cameo by Howard's mom?

OK I'm trying not to get too fangirly over Kit Harington but really, I fear it is too late after watching this interview...

He is starting to remind me of a young Eric Bana...only that wonder why he was cast to play Sean Bean's son. Between him and the boys from Merlin I'm starting to think all the good young men are living in the UK these days. Good to know he has actually read the ASOIAF books and LOL at the part where he totally spoils book two and then swears afterwards. Also good to know he checks out the fansites and the speculation about his character. Of note though, I am seriously failing in my stalking attempts to bump into him in Toronto since he apparently had an interview at Corus Entertainment yesterday....the very same Corus that is three blocks away from where I live. *headdesk*

9 more days till GoT...(WooT!!! single digits now!!!)and only one week till my week off.
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I missed BBT on TV had to watch via on line, love that Burnadetta and Howard will be married..I bet the wedding episode will be a hoot of a show.

Could not stop laughing re when Amy referred to Sheldon's love making as"aloof but effective", and Sheldon says, " why you say that that he now I will be a chick magnet and I am busy enough as is".....ROFLMAO