Merlin + Arthur - Going for the Hug

Merlin - Season Three Finale

Season Three finale of Merlin was EPIC....arguably the best episode of the season with The Fisher King episode running a close second. The finale had everything an Arthurian fangirl could want - the Grail, the formation of the Knights of the Round Table, Excalibur. I was holding back tears during the knighting ceremony. Since this is Merlin there was plenty of eye candy to enjoy. As if they didn't have enough handsome young men on that show now we have Percival, he of the Rafa-like arms, to look forward to. Knight with No Name now has a name, Sir Leon, and hopefully will become a regular next season. No sign of Galahad yet...but given the precedents with Lancelot and Gawaine I have high expectations. And of course there were the requisite Merlin + Arthur slash episode is complete without a few of those. One question though - doesn't anyone care what happened to the grail? Is it lying in the rubble in Camelot somewhere? It's a pretty damned powerful object, a weapon in the wrong hands. You may want to look for that, pronto, just sayin'. Hopefully Morgause isn't dead. I really like her. 

If BBC stars up Season Four next fall I am going to have to find a site to download the episodes. I can't wait till Canada catches up...that may take over year knowing our networks. And on that note, Dear Space: feel free to air a Merlin marathon in the not-too-distant future as I am certain I will be suffering from acute Merlin withdrawal. In fact, I think I already am.
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