The Moor, the Assassin (The Borgias, episode three)...

Damn The Borgias....so so good. I can only imagine how amazing it would have been had this series been picked up by HBO like I originally had hoped. Oh well...still an excellent show.  I am realizing how much I have forgotten about the history - I remember Prince Djem, I remember him coming to court, but do you think if I can remember what REALLY happened to him once he got there? NO. And Alfonso, please tell me that nasally weirdo of last night isn't the one that winds up marrying Crezia after her first marriage to Giovanni? I know Lucrezia does marry into the Neapolitan family but I honestly thought it was to an Alfonso...and that Alfonso was good looking and nice and sweet and Crezia actually loved him. This guy, ICK. No mention of Sancia as yet but then again we've seen so little of Joffre that it doesn't surprise me. Sancia is a fun one...I hope she shows up soon. Surprisingly Juan Borgia is NOT making me want to vomit every time he comes on screen. That, coming from me, is HIGH praise. Loved the scene when him and Chez were bickering about the botched attempt to assassinate Prince Djeb.. and arguing over the use of Cantarella and how to PROPERLY off someone...LOL. Only the Borgias. Micheletto is brilliant. The actor who is portraying him (Sean Harris) is doing an admirable job conveying the role. We are equally creeped out by and sympathetic towards Micheletto. Remember the monk in the DaVinci Code? I think he may have been based to a degree on Micheletto. The guy was ruthless and did his job without question but he was also deeply religious and had enough faith to believe that what he was doing was genuinely 'God's work'. It may not wash in the context of 21st century morality - although when you look at all the things we do today in the name of religion maybe I shouldn't say that. Back then religion was equal part politics and militia going hand and hand with faith. Think of the Crusades, and the Templars as an example - they were both warriors and monks. Eventually we will see Cesare leading the Papal army, the so-called "Army of God". It may seem odd to think of this aspect of the Catholic church but it certainly existed, and aided the church to an enormous degree, in both cementing and wielding its power within Europe.

Anyway, getting back to Micheletto, Showtime could have really screwed up this part. Micheletto was an assassin...plain and simple. To do his job successfully he needs to be forgettable...to lurk in the shadows and not stand out amongst the pomp and pageantry of the Borgia court. By all means, they could have made him uber cool like a character out of James Bond but that would undermine his credibility as an assassin IMO. Further, they could have cast some drop dead gorgeous actor in the part to appeal to the Chez/Micheletto slash fangirls and fanboys and to boost the ratings. That would have truly been a cop out. Chez and Micheletto have  bonded - and there are more than enough suggestive innuendos to keep everyone happy.  BTW, everyone should have a Micheletto in their household to do all those nasty deeds you just don't want to do yourself, if you know what I mean. Did I mention my family comes from Sicily? No, seriously, they do...

Next week there are hints of an appearance by Nico (that is, Niccolo Machiavelli, for those of you who aren't on a first name basis) and that balding guy, could he possibly be the dreaded Girolamo Savonarola rearing his ugly head???? Did you catch the references to the Medici this week? And Il Moro (Ludovico Sforza)? We probably won't get to see Lorenzo since he pretty much keels over in 1492 but a token nod to il Magnifco would be a nice touch. Ohh and didn't you just love the Silence of the Lambs version of the Last Supper at the Ferrante family banquet? I'm certain people will be talking having nightmares about that scene for a while.

Note: I am soooo proud of myself. I managed to get through an entire Borgias post without succumbing once to my lust for Cesare Borgia and devoting the entire post to him....both the real one and Francois Arnaud for that matter!!
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