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Standing offer to Kit Harington...

Dear Kit Harington,

I understand that you are in my city filming Silent Hill Revelation 3D. First off I'd like to welcome you to Toronto and I do hope you enjoy your time here. However, I realize that if you are not attending some fancy red-carpet premiere (which really should be the case for AGoT IMO), you are probably stuck in some incredibly overpriced and moderately luxurious cold and lonely hotel room in the middle of nowhere Toronto. Given that the premiere of your new HBO series, A Game of Thrones, is this Sunday evening, and you likely do not have cable access in your hotel room, I am more than willing to have you join me and niviene  for the premiere. It will be completely casual dress...actually, dress is not even required come to think of it. We of course have HD on a moderate 42" but relatively spectacular screen. There will be some themed food as well - lemon cakes being a personal fave. I admit I do have a few swords and daggers that just happen to be lying around but that's about it for any fancy props or decorations. I understand you may have access to a spare 'Iron Throne' so feel free to bring it with you - we really could use the extra seating in the condo. Although I'm not one for alcohol I can be coerced into drinking games - perhaps a shot every time someone gets decapitated or every time a Stark mentions 'Winter is Coming'? I'm pretty laid back with this and open to your suggestions. I am also aware that HBO will be re-airing the premiere at several times that night and the following week so I don't want to limit you to think that this has to be Sunday night event only. I'm good whenever you are. I have HBO on Demand. Further, this is a standing offer for the duration of the series...just let me know. I'm here for you Kit.

Most sincerely yours,
Lady Croft
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I admit I do have a few swords and daggers that just happen to be lying around

Might want to mention those are actually letter openers so if he needs to open some of his fan mail he can catch up on that while he's at
This was excellent, I want to be there when the knock at the door happens. :)