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Well this puts me in a good mood...

Oh boy...excited for my new Borgias animated mood theme...crafted by kohler . I imagine a Game of Thrones one will be popping up somewhere real soon. I'll probably flip flop between the two in the future. And for reference I am not really "satisfied' per se but I NEEDED to see that mood theme gif. Now I truly am satisfied.

Watching the CL game between Real Madrid and Barcelona right now. I am trying to stay detached - I thought after three Clasicos it would be less stressful but still I just want to throw things at the Barca players. I normally don't dislike teams but honestly I really can't stand them...well most of them. If I can hope for one thing out of today's match it is a FAIR GAME. Alas that seems like an ideal fantasy at this point. Meh...without J-Mo hardly makes it worth watching to be truthful.

Serie A season is wrapping up quite nicely. It looks like Napoli has secured a CL spot for next season. Granted they won't win the number one position they have so much potential going into next year. Lazio on the other hand are struggling to hold on to the number four spot. Next week will be a big challenge for them. I hope they survive.

At work I have finished up the insurance/assessment year end which is a major task. Glad it is over with. It is year end now and I have two weeks to prepare for our annual audit so I will be slightly busy. Not nearly as bad as last week though.

At home, the new computer has arrived and it is very pretty. Technically it is the exact same as what I have at work only a bit better to be truthful. Still awaiting an upgrade from Bell to my modem. Once that comes in everything should be running smoothly. Now I just have to pay for it :(

TV stuff - Ahhh hhhhahhh, The Borgias - I'm glad the Ursula/Cesare story is more or less kaput. Didn't like her. She certainly wasn't good enough for him. Clearly she was a substitution for Lucrezia (Crezia and Ursula had a lot in common - looks, situation, respect and humility for Chez) but she was so annoying. She really didn't know what she wanted, or who she was dealing with, for that matter...first she begs him to liberate her and then when he does she more or less rejects him for doing the very thing she requested of him. *rolls eyes* BTW, I don't want to say "I TOLD YOU SO" but I kind of did...the entire world is now falling in love with Cesare Borgia. Perhaps I should refer you to my LIVEJOURNAL posts over the past five years or so which basically gives a shout out to Chez's brilliance on a consistent basis. Welcome to my world people. Congratulations on seeing the light. 

A Game of Thrones - three episodes in. Yikes there is so much to talk about. I honestly feel as though I could write an essay at this point. For your sake I'll try to limit it to a few comments. Simply put - in the first book I have four favourite characters - in order - Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister and Bran Stark. As I read the series of novels my four favs change - some drop out and are replaced and the positions juggle around. It really shouldn't be a spoiler for those who haven't read the books to know that will likely be the case for you as well as these characters develop. Your allegiances vary and I think that is completely intentional - meant to mirror the competition for the Iron Throne itself. As it stands for me, I am loving all four of these characters in the series but of the four one stands out above the rest. Maisie Williams IS Arya Stark. That girl is just simply phenomenal in the role. I expected I would be a bit emotional watching some of the scenes as they came to life on screen - there were numerous times when I cried reading these novels. However, the only time I've come to tears watching the series so far has been this scene...

IKR - not exactly something you'd think worth crying over but honestly I was just so happy to watch her dreams come true I couldn't help but tear up. I have to argue this version of the scene is even better than in the book. I didn't think that could be possible.I can't get enough of Syrio Forel saying "Braavos". LOL. After watching this scene it's almost funny to think that GRRM was criticized oh so wrongly for writing "boy fiction" -  I can't imagine any girl growing up who didn't have a bit of Arya or a bit of Sansa in her. And as you progress through the novels you'll say the same about other strong female characters - Dany, Brienne and Asha Greyjoy among others. So many great female characters in very, very critical roles. Good on.

I'm have to argue that Arya has the best chance to succeed onscreen though, more so than the other three. Her role is more visual. Bran and Jon have so much internal monologue it is going to be extremely difficult to bring that across efficiently. So far they have done a very admirable job - as best as possible. As for Tyrion, his better moments are yet to come. I believe they are deliberately keeping his character very enigmatic. Is he good? He sure has been nice to his 'enemy' Jon Snow. Is he bad? He is a dreaded Lannister after all and the Lannisters only care about themselves. In the next few weeks Tyrion will have quite a journey which will set him up rather nicely for next season. If you like Tyrion now, wait till next season...just sayin'. Can't wait till next week's episode - the Hand's tourney, Renly + Loras, Sandor's big moment expect a major LJ rant if his part is cut in any way, Samwell Tarly will arrive at The Wall and maybe, if we are lucky, GHOST might actually show up. Yes, Ghost, you remember him don't you. That cute little cuddly white direwolf that is supposed to accompany Jon Snow EVERYWHERE. MEH. Oooh and speaking of Renly - not nearly enough of him on screen. Oh well, I know he is a minor character but he was so, errr, umm, flamboyant in the book. I feel a little bad for him - they gave his funnier quotes to Robert last week during Arya's 'trial'. I guess HBO is keeping Renly around only for one reason...and we'll see that soon enough. *raises eyebrow*

BTW, if I haven't mentioned it already both A Game of Thrones and The Borgias have been renewed for a second season.

Avoids posting a million or so gifs of Kit Harington and his perfect hair, not to mention screencaps of the entire Cesare/Ursula sex scene. DAMN that was good.
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The Borgias - I'm glad the Ursula/Cesare story is more or less kaput.

You have no idea how glad I am that she's off to the nunnery! Poor Chez....

Maisie Williams IS Arya Stark. That girl is just simply phenomenal in the role.

The actress is very good and she got one of the better "children's" roles too! I wish GRRM in his next books would make Arya and Daenerys team up to take the iron throne!!!
Oh well, it was nice while it lasted, on both counts....I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Ursula, unfortunately :(

And as for Arya and Dany teaming up, not happening anytime soon...sorry. I do hope they meet one day though.

Remember how I mentioned your fav characters will evolve throughout the books/ may wind up changing your mind about some of these characters. Arya has a good deal of adventures and encounters as the series progresses...we'll see how that conveys to screen. Right now it's fantastic to watch her at this early stage but she has a LOT to go through in the future. It is a really challenging role but I think this actress may be able to pull it off.

I'm still waiting for Khal Drogo to announce his decision to invade Westeros so Dany and their son can have the Iron "Chair"....LOL...Drogo-isms....*rolls eyes*