On the benefits of having a theatrical background...

Is it wrong to NOT want to watch the Champions League final? I don't want to sound like a sore loser but I really just can't bring myself to watch Barcelona play the final. UGH. I truly wish the best to Man U. I hope they win. I could care less about the EPL but they will become my favourite English team should they manage to beat Barca. Best news of the soccer week has been Real Madrid confirming J-Mo will be back to coach next season. Don't laugh...this is Real Madrid...you never know.

The casting call for the second season of A Game of Thrones (can we just call the show A Song of Ice and Fire already to avoid any future confusion?) has commenced....I'm hearing lots of rumours of Henry Ian Cusick as Davos Seaworth...YAY. I doubt we'll be that lucky. I'm more interested in seeing who will be Stannis, Brienne and Melisandre. General casting call and audition info can be found here. There really aren't too many parts in ASOIAF that I'd qualify for or even want for that matter. Arguably maybe I'd like Ygritte, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS ("You know nothing, Jon Snow"). But me, a wildling, LOL...that ain't never gonna happen. Brienne would be an awesome role...but not for someone 5'4" and 100 pounds so I'll veto that one right now. As much as I wish I could carry off the crazed, domineering and manipulative cult priestess that is Melisandre I doubt anyone would let me try. I'd say my best shot is Arianne Martell...she may not be one of my fav characters (yet) but I'm certain I could do her justice...and she does seem to have some potential for the future. Otherwise, it's Asha Greyjoy for me....ARRRRRRRRRR *closest thing to pirates in Westeros* In all truth, I'm holding out for a my part on The Borgias as Caterina Sforza...let's just say her 'captivity' will take an interesting twist if I had the role *raises eyebrow*

HBO has released the following preview of episode four of A Game of Thrones, entitled "Cripples, Basters and Broken Things"....

Meanwhile Showtime provides the following preview of episode seven of The Borgias, entitled "Death on a Pale Horse"...

Makes me wish it was Sunday already.
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But you'd be such a cute 'wildling" and then Jon Snow could take you in once he goes north of the wall!!!