On how I spend my money...

First off I want to thank amdisa  for her assistance in renewing my LJ for another year. It is much appreciated. I am looking forward to our visit on the Victoria Day weekend :)

The weather in Toronto has finally taken a turn for the better and we are in the double digits with sunshine for the next few days. Yesterday I was finally able to pack away the winter jacket for good :) I returned to Integrative Health Institute for a massage. Doc recommends them and I know they are good for me but it just seems so decadent to get regular massages. I do plan on going every 6-8 weeks. I certainly  feel very relaxed and endure less back and neck pain after the massages. Next visit will be after the my company's AGM...Lord knows I'll need it then.

Soccer this weekend has been a mixed bag - Real Madrid enjoyed a blowout featuring Ronaldo netting four goals. He honestly could have scored more. Not a huge fan of the boy but if it means he gets the scoring title and not Messi I am all for CR7. Not so good results in Serie A. I am happy that AC Milan won the title...I do like Inter but I just wanted a change. However, I wished it could have been another team, not one of the big money teams. Unfortunately Napoli lost and Cavani received a red card but at least they look like a lock for third place at worst for the end of the season. Lazio, on the other hand, are just abysmal these days and will be lucky to hold the sixth spot by the end of the season.

Picked up a new kettle - the old one wasn't working properly. Also purchased two new teapots - they were so pretty I couldn't decide between two colours (aqua and clay) so I wound up buying both. They weren't very expensive so I won't stress over it even though I still have to pay for the new computer some time in the not too distant future.

It's almost 7 PM so I best be off the computer, start fixing some dinner and let the countdown begin till A Game of Thrones and The Borgias.
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Sounds like a nice weekend..and your welcome...the Tea Pots sound can never have enough Tea Pots I say. :)