In defense of SanSan...

This week went by so quickly I can barely remember it. I do recall that I had a s**tload of work to do to prepare for the annual audit which starts tomorrow. The sooner that is over with the better. Other than work I am plugging along in my reread of A Clash of Kings. I hope to have it finished by the end of next weekend at the very latest. Was supposed to go to see Thor today but it is being postponed till Friday since I leave work early for the long weekend. In football, Lazio won yesterday and I pray Udinese and Roma lose so Lazio can hold on to that precious number four spot in Serie A. Other than that, my week has been rather blah.

Fortunately it's Sunday...the best tv day of the week. What I have to look forward to tonight is...

I am in desperate need of a San/San icon...I feel so ripped off after last week's episode. Poor Sandor...the Hound was robbed of his Sansa moment by the even creepier stalker that is Littlefinger.  Hopefully Sandor at least manages to get the joust scene tonight to make up for it. It's weird - as I stated earlier I'm rereading the series now and finding the Sansa/Sandor scenes are the ones I am most enjoying. Poor Sansa, it's bad enough most people don't like her character in the novel but they have further robbed her of her good graces in the HBO series. Sansa Stark would never be disrespectful to her elders - she would never talk back to her father or tell her Septa to "shut up". Yes, Sansa does a lot of petty, childish things in the books but she does have some redeeming qualities and she does in fact learn to play the "Game of Thrones' in her own way as she faces all the challenges that are thrown at her. All you Sansa haters, give her a chance.

Followed by...

It's difficult to believe that next week will already be the season finale of The Borgias. That went by so quickly...and surprisingly Juan will make it through the first season....I'm impressed. Based on this preview it looks like he'll be botching up yet again this evening...LOL. Oh Juan! Still waiting for Leo to show up. I see Micheletto is FINALLY back...I missed him. Aww, who am I kidding...I really only want to see Chez!
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It's hard not to despise Sansa for being the mistress of her own problems, but I agree that when they alter or leave out information in a TV series, making the character different from the one in the book, then it can be disturbing for the fans who have read the books first.

Btw, last Saturday I was in Chapters, hoping to purchase the first book in the series, but only the second book was available. A friend told me NOT to read that one first...it's tempting me to open the cover, but I ordered the first one from amazon.ca and it should be here by this Friday. So I will resist temptation and wait for it. :)

That preview for tonight's episode is very provocative...I can't wait to see it!
Do not, I repeat, do not read the second book before the first. You may find it disappointing because it will spoil the various endings of the first book. Further it will be difficult to follow the second without the knowledge of what happened in the first book. And finally it will introduce a lot of new characters which may be overwhelming. Hold off till the first book arrives. It may look lengthy but you'll breeze through that novel in no time. And you will become addicted so you may as just well purchase the third and fourth books as well as pre-order the new one that is scheduled for release on July 12th.

I will spoil two facts about tonight's episode...nothing major though. First, I just read that neither Jon nor Dany will be in it :( I hope that is not true but it is conceivable given where we are in the story. Second, you will get your first glimpse of the Eyrie....CREEPY is all I can say. Get ready for Loony Lysa (Tully). She's a fun one...
I like when they show previews...helps with the anticipation of what will happen next gap..I also love your icon must steal that from you....if I may....and Thor I went to see and enjoyed it....was not sure it be good once he descended to earth...but yup it was.
Alas, sometimes the previews reveal too much and it's almost as though you don't need to see the move or series since you already know everything that happens.