The Borgias...season finale...

Season Finale of The Borgias was tonight...the series came and went far too quickly IMO. What can I say...it was brilliant. Everything I hope for. A great cast. I even enjoyed Juan Borgia and that is honestly something I would have never expected. What do I want to see for season two:

10. That it returns and airs on a different night/time of year than A Game of Thrones and Merlin. Too much hotness is actually a bad thing. When I discovered this would air back to back with AGOT I thought I had reached nirvana but after experiencing a season of the Jon Snow/Cesare whammo I have to say it is somewhat detracting. I find I can't devote myself as much to both as I'd like. Ideally, in a perfect world scenario, Merlin would air in the Fall, AGOT in the winter, The Borgias in the spring and Camelot in the summer. Would that be too much to ask from the scheduling Gods? I think not.

9. More Chez

8. Don't kill off Juan yet...I'm actually starting to appreciate the guy

7. More sexually themed educational sessions - mixing sex and history lessons (e.g. Giulia Farnese leg was used to explain the political structure of Italy - France was of particular interest to Rodrigo...LOL). They should offer sexstory as a university course...that certainly would make history a lot more enjoyable for the masses.

6. More cameos...where was Leonardo da Vinci? More Savonarola...Of course more Machiavelli. You gave me Il Moro but what about wifey Beatrice d'Este? I am so looking forward to the friars in the fires!! Where is Michelangelo? He should be around...even young Raphael should be there. Although I will never forgive you for giving away my part of Caterina Sforza...I really should have played her...just sayin'. I'll be even more pissed off when the Forli stuff happens...and you actually keep it accurate to history instead of following my vivid Chez/Cat fanfic.

5. More Chez

4. More Micheletto...he's a henchman and a hitman...and a good one at that. Not nearly enough whacking go on...well, at least not the assassination kind.

3. Do something about Alfonso...the creepy guy in Naples with the whiny voice that just makes you want to smack him. I am so painfully confused. My Borgia history is a little hazy, *eyedart* and this may be a spoiler for some, but is not this the same Alfonso who becomes Lucrezia's second husband? Jesus, Mary and Joseph this is the ONE guy that Lucrezia is actually supposed to like and be happy and excited to marry. Ain't no way that will happen with this loony toon. Well at least if they keep him around and do make him hubby #2, I can't wait for the fond farewell in the Borgia apartments *malicious grin*

2. I will forgive you for anything - any historical flaw, any tasteless joke, any gratuitous sex or violence, any horrific overacting AS LONG AS YOU GET RID OF URSULA once and for all. PERIOD

1. Is it redundant to say...MORE CHEZ? To elaborate...give him a bigger part. Honestly, the guy is the star of the show just as he was the star of the family. The way I see it, given my limited *cough**snigger*  Borgia history, we are at a point in Chez's life where he is just beginning to get his own taste of power and really just coming to grips with his unlimited potential. He hasn't left his post as cardinal, yet, but that is inevitable. Build it up...sweetly. Don't make it too swift. Let us enjoy his rise. Let us savor his seductions. But most of all...let it happen. Let the world see what this man was really like and really capable of achieving... his ambitions coupled with his clockwork mind that was able to envision an Italian world order far beyond the mere Renaissance Italy he dwelt in. I can't imagine a greater historical figure for a writer or an actor to bring to life...please do it well. Love you Chez.

Perhaps the best way to end off the season is with a few of my fav gifs...

my favourite couple...

(note: that was exactly how I felt after the four Clasicos this season)

OK, now my real favourite couple...

This is from the final moments of the season finale, the proud parent and proud parent-wannabe...

And finally, this is exactly how I will feel waiting for his-Holiness-only-knows-how-long until Season 2...

Lord have mercy Chez..*recalls certain dreams involving confessionals*

Thank you to the various Tumblrs for those GIFs and thank you to Showtime for The Borgias.  Godspeed.
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Yes more Chez pls...holy hotness!!! Sorry for the cheezy line but Chez would forgive me lol. Let's start a campaign to get rid of the character of Ursuala on Facebook...

...where was Leonardo da Vinci?...Where is Michelangelo? ....even young Raphael .....

They better be there next season...just saying

Ideally, in a perfect world scenario, Merlin would air in the Fall, AGOT in the winter, The Borgias in the spring and Camelot in the summer.

I'm all for that!

They should offer sexstory as a university course.

Where do I register? Please tell me Chez teaches it cuz I'm all over that! In more ways than one *snicker*

Can I just say that Francoise rocks the Renaissance costume all kinds of ways!!!

Lord have mercy Chez..*recalls certain dreams involving confessionals*

Oh ya....oops did I say that out loud?!?! Forgive me father for I have sinned and I'm not above doing it again *grin*

Let us savor his seductions.

There has to be someone better out there for Chez - not Ursula. Francois is a pretty decent actor but he has ZERO on screen chemistry with her. OK maybe not ZERO....more like 3 or 4...but only because he is so good at the uber-tortured I can't have you thing.

Haha sexstory..It actually sounds like something I would want to teach rather than take.

"Francois rocks the Renaissance costume" - srsly - I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear leather pants that well since Jim Morrison

Sex Power Murder Amen