On how I will NOT be spending the week...

Episode Six of A Game of Thrones featured my highly anticipated crowning of Viserys. Now that it's over I'm sad he is gone. A great character. I almost would have preferred him to live, raise his own army and face off against Dany. Ah well. This is just the first of many farewells...they should be dropping like flies over the next few weeks. Sigh, no Jon Snow, yawn. Sansa annoyed me again tonight. She normally does...at least tv Sansa does. But at least she did provided the funniest scene of the evening with her protestations when she was told she would be leaving King's Landing. No, begs Sansa...she can't leave...she wants to stay with her Prince..she loves Joffrey and would rather have him instead of someone "brave, gentle and strong" as her father had suggested. Oh Sansa your epic fail moments are so LOL. At least your brain cramp gave Ned his light bulb moment...duh...the blonde kids...geez how long did it take you to figure that one out Ned? Oh Ned, so smart and yet sooooo very stupid. Now I know where Sansa gets it from. Still I forgive Ned every single time I hear Sean Bean speak...gods that voice is like liquid heaven. Did you hear him say 'Clegane'? *swoons*

Ah well, I am now about to go on a self-imposed one week social media ban due to HBO GO who had the audacity to air episode seven of Game of Thrones one week early. Needless to say, I'm stuck in Canada and do not have that accessibility. As such I do not want to hear or see one thing about this episode until it airs on IT'S REGULARLY SCHEDULED TIME on Sunday, May 29th at 9 PM. OK so I know EXACTLY what is going to happen in episode seven, more or less, but still...it irks me to no end that my Twitter, Tumblr and my FList will be full of spoilers and news and pics and gifs and witty comments and repartee, etc., etc., it will just get me depressed so...ciao for now.  

I shall console myself in the knowledge that I will only have to wait ONE week for a new episode whereas the HBO GOers will now need to wait two...nah, nah... 

and in the meantime...


OMG LOL I so need to watch that scene again...

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Still I forgive Ned every single time I hear Sean Bean speak...gods that voice is like liquid heaven.

I would listen to him recite the phone book....just saying. And we got to see him in person not so long ago.....dang he has to come back to TO so he can sign your AGOT books....and we can monopolize him again. I wish he'd do sci fi radio plays....*dies*

Ah well, I am now about to go on a self-imposed one week social media ban due to HBO GO who had the audacity to air episode seven of Game of Thrones one week early

If you weren't so obsessed then you wouldn't have to media ban yourself. It is annoying that HBO caters to the US. I actually like waiting week to week to see what happens....mind you I need to stop asking you about the back story of some characters because I find it takes away from some episodes. I'm glad I didn't read any of the books first....think it's more interesting imho.

Feel sorry for poor Lancel and I know you get a kick out of Robert bullying him but it really irritates me to no end!

(BTW love the "bitchy" Chez mood theme icon lol)
Oooh I love my Chez + Crezia mood theme. I want a GoT one as well. Then I can flip flop between the two.

I honestly would prefer to wait for the real viewing time as well. Can you imagine having watched the special HBOGO showing and then have to wait TWO WEEKS for a new episode...that would be torture?! Especially after what happened in episode seven (and I even know what is coming!!)

Aww I just get a kick out of Lancel...I love the little guy. I barely even noticed him in the book so it's kind of a testament to what a great job they are doing on the series. I had to go back and reread that scene. It wasn't nearly as well done in the book. So LOL funny on screen though. And besides, as you have already seen, Lancel more or less gets back at Robert for all that 'bullying'. Wait till you see what happens to Lancel's storyline! He may not be a major character but he takes a very interesting turn. (BTW yay I get to use my Lancel icon...this makes my day...sad but true)
I want to wring Sansa's neck ALL the time, but she's very entertaining in her own way. I think I'll keep her. :)

Sean Bean is amazing...he manages to elicit so many different responses in me every time he appears...I want to love him, tend to his ills, slap him silly and scream at him, all at the same time!

Ser Lancel..."the poor man's Jaime Lannister"! Ahhhh, I love it! Ya just gotta love Lancel! :)
Sansa is the kind of character you really need to get into her head to understand why she does and says some of the things we see. The first time round, I hated Sansa. I think most people dislike her. Now I still roll my eyes but I see how she does mature...maybe not right away but I really believe there is something planned for Sansa down the road.

Sean Bean always steals the scenes in any movies he is in. LOTR, Troy, Don't Say A Word, National Treasure, Percy Jackson...I think I'd watch any movie he was in simply because he is in it. Brilliant actor. He really and truly deserves an Emmy for this role though.

Ahhh Lancel...I barely remembered him when I read the book the first time. I recall having written him off as relatively unimportant. Now I'm no longer so sure. He is one of my fav minor characters. It's so funny how they compare him to Jaime all the time but yet Jaime, when he was around Lancel's age, was already this heavy duty knight. Miles apart, yet sooo similar.
I love Martin's talent in creating many different characters with such depth and quirks to their personalities. For me Sansa is one of these. I'm almost at the end of the second book now, and already she is maturing from the brat she used to be into a much more perceptive woman. And brave. Even though she is not the same person as Arya, you can see that in some ways she is like her sister. She is definitely not stupid, either. I hope by the end of the series she will redeem herself.

Sean Bean has that uncanny ability to portray thoughts and emotions even when he isn't speaking. Literally, I could feel his pain from that stab wound to his leg. He seems to age onscreen. I am inwardly shuddering already, thinking about his upcoming scenes. Yes, he deserves an Emmy for this for sure.

Lancel is another of Martin's minor characters who has his own distinct personality and his quite loveable in his own way. And he is a Lannister, no doubt about it.

I feel I want to go back and read the first book again, just to pick up on little details I would have missed the first time around, that would have given little hints and clues to different characters' motivations and to pick up on some foreshadowing that would not have been noticeable the first time either. What a delightfully exciting series!
I've reread the series a couple of times now and each time I pick up something new. As well, each time I focus on different characters. There is nothing like the first time and the initial shock of it all but the rereads are so helpful in rounding everything out for you. You realize how everything truly comes full circle. I will bet that you do go back and read it again.

I trust you have reached the point in the second book where Sansa chose NOT to escape with Sandor when she had the chance. That scene was just a complete tear-jerker for me. I love how Arya compares and contrasts perfectly with Sansa...they both are struggling to survive in their different ways. It shows how you have to make the best of your own personal strengths if you want to make it the world.

I also trust you have reached the point in the book where Lancel begins to truly question what it means to be a Lannister. He is very much a "poor man's Jaime" yet again. He turns out to be a very interesting minor character that I do hope GRRM chooses to develop further. Once you reach the fourth book you'll see how divergent his path truly becomes.
I finished the second book a couple of days ago and have started the third.

OMG, that moment when Sansa cupped Sandor's face with her hand KILLED ME. I was completely won over by that gesture. I cannot wait to see what is in store for Sansa later. In some way there is more depth to her than I ever would have thought possible. She is really a brilliant character...at the moment she makes Cersei seem shallow.

I am very excited about Lancel's future in the fourth book. Also Loras's...there hasn't been enough about him...but I loved the scene with Loras escorting Sansa into the meeting with the Tyrells. Just loved it. (Of course, I am picking up on all the 'hints' involving Loras' sexuality as the series goes along.) :)
Re: Loras - there were definitely enough hints to get the point across but I think GRRM did a great job making it subtle enough that it wouldn't offend anyone.

I have no words for Sansa/Sandor. Arguably they are my favourite couple in the novels...and they aren't even really a couple. I realize it may be a creepy relationship for some just because of the age difference but in the books I believe Sandor is only in his 20s. Littlefinger/Sansa is far more disturbing pairing...and wait till you see how that turns out!! I hated, loathed, despised and basically wanted to strangle Sansa on my first read through the novels. My second and third times round I fell in love with her character. I finally realized how much I could relate to her. She is exactly what I was like growing up. I always wanted to be proper and do the right thing and please my parents. I anticipated marriage maybe not to some perfect prince charming but you get the idea. And then I grew up and realized that life isn't like a song...it certainly wasn't that ideal dreamworld that I had imagined. Sansa does mature through these novels and I really feel for her every step of the way. I do hope that by the end of the series she becomes the strong female character I believe she is destined to be.
Well, now, I am very disappointed that Sansa and Sandor do NOT become a couple. I was holding out hope...

I find it amusing that Sansa seems to fall into superficial love at first sight with handsome boys (I hate to say Joffrey) like Loras Tyrell, and then actually ends up having 'relationships' with the most unlikely men...LOL.

But yes...I can fully relate to the 13-year-old Sansa. She is behaving exactly as she should be. She is brave as well, to be able to take the beatings she got without losing her composure, as well as surviving the attack by the common folk (of course the Hound helped her). More spineless women would have collapsed under all the stress, both physically and mentally. I think this is where she has some of what Arya possesses in her. :)

I can't wait to read more of Sansa's chapters. I find myself wanting to pick out the chapters of the characters I find the most compelling and reading ahead to follow their storylines...but I am not letting myself be tempted to do that...not just yet, anyway. :)
Well they aren't a 'couple' per se but I think everyone sees them together and I would feel robbed if they don't somehow get together in the end even it is bittersweet.

Sansa does wind up with a lot of unusual men - the kind she least likely would expect. And she is strong, in her own way, and gaining strength even as you continue to read...(especially book four, that is a huge turning point of Sansa - you'll read it in her p.o.v. chapters)

I was exactly like that, wanting to skip ahead and read the specific p.o.v. chapters for the characters I was most interested in. Fortunately I was able to hold off. Now I find it extremely beneficial when I want to go back and reread certain character chapters. You'll enjoy that when you are finished the series...
I am officially confused with HIBO GoT showing times. But the episode 7 is already out, right?

Sean bean has a heavy Sheffield accent!
Episode seven was the one that aired this week. Only three left :(

I love Sean Bean's accent and his voice. He could read the phonebook and I'd pay to hear it.