Ah the things I do for ...a flagon of ale...

Only a few more episodes to go in the AGoT season and I have to congratulate HBO. The series is probably one of if not the best book adaptations I've ever seen. All the truly important stuff is there. The key quotes, the key plot developments. Albeit there have been a few liberties in a few areas that really annoyed me but for the most part they've done a great job. I love the new additions. I think the writers have created some brilliant moments that were never in the books yet really elaborate on the action, assist with the flow of the plot, build up to future scenes and truly enhance the characters.

As I watch the series it is interesting to see some of the characters I never cared too much about winning me over. In particular, Ser Barristan Selmy, Ser Jorah Mormont, Bronn, Jory Cassel (RIP - too short a part), Gendry and of course my fav little boy toy Lancel Lannister. It's making my reread of the series a heck of a lot more interesting. I forgot all the stuff that happens to these characters. Geez, it just goes to show how thorough GRRM was in fleshing out his minor characters. Speaking of minor characters, I can't wait to see Pod and Shae. They should show up soon :)

Episode seven was great in that Jon Snow was back FINALLY. I love early Jon because he still has such dumbass teenage angst moments…still whining when he doesn’t get his way. So smart but yet so very stupid. It so runs in that family. *raises eyebrow* Except for Arya, nat.  The Night’s Watch vows ceremony was just gahhhh *tears flowing* better than the book *reaches for tissue*.  There is just not enough time spent at The Wall. Ahh well *cough* book three* cough*

Tywin Lannister made his first appearance and he was exactly as he should be..ruthless, rigid and cold. It was an absolutely perfect added on scene that captured his intimidating character so well I almost wish it was in the book. I don’t think we ever see Tywin from Jaime’s POV. I’m so used to hearing and dealing with Tyrion’s  loathing and fearing of his father - a Tyrion/Tywin scene would have been the easy way out. To watch Jaime be the one on the end of a Tywin tirade was a great twist. It made me feel sorry for Jaime and certainly helped justify all of Tyrion’s complaints about his daddy. Let’s just say I’m glad he wasn’t my father.

Arguably the best episode for Khal Drogo…Jason managed to take a foreign language that didn’t really exist until they created it for the series and made it sound 100% credible in this episode. You didn’t need the translation – you knew EXACTLY what he meant. Some intense moments there…I always loved when Drogo referred to the Iron Throne as the “Iron Chair” *giggles* You really believe the man – if he wants something you know he’ll get.  ‘Nuff said. Geez, I wish he could meet Arya.

Unfortunately however we were made to suffer through the WORST scene ever on AGOT this season aside from Theon Greyjoy nudity  = the dreaded Littlefinger brothel moment. Did I say moment? That crap ass scene lasted more than five minutes…UGGHH .I actually had to walk out  on it. I get it…the Cat backstory…didn’t HBO already reveal the details. Aside from providing an opportunity to allow for the girl on girl stuff (and hence the ratings) this really wasn’t necessary. And even then it wasn’t necessary…. I suppose Lord Baelish had to have his moment but honestly Varys>Littlefinger. Of course you knew I had it in for him the minute he took Sandor’s story from him.  

And then there is Ned. Really. I love you. I love your morality and honesty. But for a man who was aptly capable of participating in and surviving a dramatic rebellion and who then proceeded to rule successfully in Winterfell for all these year , when did you become so completely oblivious to the machinations that are going on in the world around you? When Ned told Cersei of his discovery (and in the book it is even more frustrating I might add) I honestly wanted to throw something at the tv. NED WAKE UP. Did you seriously think this woman, the same one who was more than willing to kill your innocent 10 8 year old son to ensure her own safety, would just sit back idly and do what you request. Oh vey. And then, if he didn't already botch it up enough, Renly gives him an out (NO NOT THAT KIND OF OUT), offers him support, and a half decent plan to keep the kingdom in order, what does Ned do? He just walks away...because of his honour and his duty. *headdesk* *facepalm* I give up...Cersei...do what  you will. The man is a lost cause. Get me Sandor, Tyrion and a flagon of ale...this is gonna turn ugly REAL fast.

Let's at least end this one on a high note...the highlight of ep seven...

Note to self: Jon Snow begging you to join him in the Godswood > Sandor + Tyrion + several Flagons of Ale ...err, well, is Lancel serving that ale?? *ponders this*

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I love Ser Jorah and oh I miss Jory :(

I love early Jon because he still has such dumbass teenage angst moments…

OMGs I can't believe Jon's character sometimes....geez get a clue kid! I see how it runs in the family....Ned, Sansa, Jon....*shakes head* Did love the vows at the Godswood tree...that was a beautiful scene. I love the old gods moments..

NED WAKE UP. Did you seriously think this woman, the same one who was more than willing to kill your innocent 10 8 year old son to ensure her own safety, would just sit back idly and do what you request.

I know...srsl wtf Ned?!?!?!.Dumbass....but I love you Sean B.

Arguably the best episode for Khal Drogo .....Geez, I wish he could meet Arya.

Really love Dani and Drogo's story....and well Jason and I go way back so how can I not love him in this too and ya he's got Dothraki down to a science....hmmm wonder if he can teach me Dothraki in "sexstory" oops did I say that out loud? Ok had to gush when he nuzzled Dani...so sweet and their height different makes me giggle it's so cute. Not nearly enough of their story in the series and I know Drogo dies soon :( I will cry you know. True I would love Drogo to teach Arya to kick even more 'ass' that she already does!

Plus I'm going to miss Vissy as well even if he was a spoiled brat. Harry Lloyd did a fantastic job in that role I have to say.

You love the 'old gods'? See I told you in the cheat sheet that the religious stuff was cool in this.

Ahaha, sexstory...we've coined that term. We should patent it. KD doesn't have a big enough part...that sucks because Jason Momoa really does rock that part. It was made for him.

So many good people in the show. It's a shame that so many of them won't make it past season one.
Awww, Khal...I'm going to face the next episodes with a big box o' kleenex by my side. *sniffs*

I LOVE Ser Barristan and Lancel! Lancel..."The poor man's Jaime Lannister!" OMG, Tyrion gets ALL the best lines! :)

i was disappointed in two things..I WANTED to see Tyrion gather together his band of Wildlings...I want to see Shagga!!! But I agree that the scene with Tywin and Jaime was really good...and I suppose to insert Jaime in this episode makes some sort of TV sense...after all, he disappears in the books for such a long time!

I HATED the prolonged sex scene with Littlefinger's whores! What a waste of time! PRECIOUS time!

But the producers redeemed themselves with the scenes at the Wall. Jon is such a pleasure to watch/listen to...I adore his angst! The snowy scenes are beautiful...

And Ned's scenes were wonderful...god...okay, I will say no more! (No spoilers here!) :)
"Tyrion gets ALL the best lines!" This is exactly why Dinklage can't win an award (Golden Globe, Emmy, etc.) YET...he's good now but he'll be jaw-dropping spectacular given the material he will have in season two.

I think we still will get to see Tyrion's clans. Shagga always makes me laugh.

There is not enough Jaime but I suppose it is all for good reason...he is a great character to build up. You hear so much about him, his reputation always proceeds him, yet you really don't get to meet him, or get to know him until much later on in the series. He is always there though ...a presence forever looming in the background making you wonder what GRRM has planned for this character.

IKR...Drogo and Ned...it will be rough times ahead.
Ahhhh! I've started Book Three...so far Jaime is captivating me...he is a lot like Tyrion in the way he thinks things through as they are happening and then makes a different choice of action. I'm looking forward to more of him, even though the idea of incest still makes me uncomfortable. I'm still trying to understand the 'twin bond' thing. :/

With so many characters in the series I know they will have to leave some out...but I hope they will include Shagga, for one.

Can't wait for the next episodes to come. *trembles*

Speaking of Emmys...I'd love to see Sean Bean win one. It wouldn't hurt me if Peter Dinklage won one as well. And the girl who plays Dany...I feel awful for not remembering her name atm.
Tyrion was the star of book two. If I recall correctly (and I am currently reading book three now as well), Jaime is the star of book three. The third book sheds so much light on Jaime's enigmatic personality and his relationship with his family members. You do see how much he is like his brother Tyrion.
I am loving Book Three from the start.
Who would you say is the 'star' of Book Four?
I have not yet read ahead but I am dying to! However, so far I am controlling myself even though it's impossible not to!

Btw, I love your .gif icons. I meant to tell you before...I joined one GoT comm and there are a lot of icon makers. I took a few but I think I need loads more. :)
Book Three has a couple of shocking developments...as dramatic as "the things I do for love" scene. It was arguably the best of the series so far. As for Book Four, well that is a completely different story. I wouldn't say ONE person stood out for me in Book Four. I don't want to spoil anything for you but I think the best thing you can do right now is open up Book Four and just take a look at the chapter headings and note who the p.o.v.s are from. That in itself is the 'star' of Book Four. It is not the same old characters you are used to seeing and reading about and in a way that is disappointing but there are a lot of new characters to whet your appetite for the three future novels. You start to see how it is all coming together.

There are so many GoT icons out there now. I remember before the show even started I knew I would be desperate for icons so I just kept searching. I am always on the lookout for GoT icons. I think I've joined a couple of GoT communities as well. I am so addicted right now it is not even funny.
I loved Book Three from the start. Where Book Two started with a lengthy prologue at Stannis' place, which I found boring to begin with, but forced myself to read throughly, I thought that Book Three started with a bang. I still don't 'get' Davos, but I suppose his role will become clearer later on. Thanks for the tip to look forward to the chapter headings in Book Four. I'll do that!

I need to look for more GoT icons. :)
Of course you knew I had it in for him the minute he took Sandor’s story from him.

You and I! I aodre Aiden Gillen and his Baelish is genearally made out of great stuff, but it seems to me that this is a "pet" character for the show creators, and well, I didn't like teachers pets since I was in high school. I must make a rant about this some day. Even people on my friends list who think Baelish is pure 100% gold didn't like the scene.
I have always been on the fence with Littlefinger. Aiden Gillen is doing a great job in the role but as for the character himself I have a bit of a love/hate relationship. One minute I'm nodding and relishing his deliciousness, the next I want to throw something at him. But in this case, the scene was just over the top unnecessary.