Game of Thrones Episode 8 Preview...

OK episode eight scheduled for this weekend. I believe GRRM actually wrote this one so I'll be curious to see what HE deems significant enough to make the cut. So it looks like an added SanSan scene (I don't recall any scene like this in the book...thanks for that bonus GRRM - well, at least I hope I'll be thankful...I'll let you know after I watch it), Syrio's final dance lesson (make sure the kleenex is handy for that one), an iRaven arriving at Winterfell delivering the dark news to Robb, Ned's imprisonment, the White Walkers return, Jon enduring yet more ANGST, and Drogo may get himself involved in a little skirmish...just another day in Westeros folks...

Sidenote: I wonder if Barristan Selmy scene will be in this episode or the next...I'm really looking forward to that. You know what would be a great add - updates re: Loras & Renly at Highgarden and Margaery Tyrell's wedding.
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